7 Known Negative Side Effects of High Protein Diet

In weight loss and fitness, they say that a high protein diet is the key. Protein help you feel fuller longer and help in the efficient cell repair and growth. It is common for body builders to increase the amount of protein in their diet. Because of the said benefits of proteins, there are people who establish a sole protein diet, even replacing carbohydrates with protein sources.

Protein is a macronutrient that is important in a balanced diet. With protein, your cells are constantly built and repaired. If there are no available carbohydrates or fats as your immediate energy sources, proteins are used up. A recommended amount of 50-175 g of protein a day should be consumed.

But apparently, too much of something is not good. Take a look at the following negative side effects of high protein diet and see if you are starting to have any one of them:

1. Kidney problems

One of the negative side effects of high protein diet is the malfunction of the kidneys. Eating too much protein increases the pressure on the kidneys that enables it to excrete more waste products. If this diet goes on for a long time, you may develop kidney stones or even kidney failure.




2. Osteoporosis

Taking in too much protein makes the calcium leech out of your bones. When there is an increase in acid brought also brought about by too much protein in your diet, the calcium in your blood is supposed to lower it. If you don’t get the ideal allowance of calcium everyday, the leeching out of calcium from your bones takes place and this, results to osteoporosis. This is another one of the negative side effects of high protein diet that you should take note of.




3. Digestive conditions

Digestive conditions such as irregular movement of the bowel and constipation are two of the negative side effects of high protein diet. If you have too much protein, you lose appetite and lack fiber. Your digestive system will indeed suffer if you have excessive protein intake.





4. Allergies

The occurrence of allergies is one of the negative side effects of high protein diet. This is brought about by the triggered immune system hypersensitivity to a myriad of allergens. Excessive protein in your diet makes this possible and may even aggravate the allergic attacks.





5. Deficiencies

Because you are just taking in proteins, it is expected for you to develop nutrient deficiencies. Other vitamins and minerals are eliminated from your diet plan so you don’t get the ideal allowances as recommended.






6. Heart conditions

Animal protein is the primary source of a high protein diet. You could usually see body builders in steak houses and burger joints doing their best to finish up tons of meat. This could lead to cardiovascular problems. It is recommended for you to have vegetable protein instead to prevent such health dilemmas.




7. Other medical conditions

Other negative side effects of high protein diet are developing cancer, reduced ketosis, and gout. Cancer can be developed from eating too much animal proteins. Most high protein dieters resort to eating beef. No matter how lean the beef cut is, it is still laced with fats that are in between the muscle fibers. If you take in low amounts of carbohydrates and very high protein, lowered ketosis occurs. You can just consume good fats and vegetables with low glycemic index. Gout results from eating too much animal proteins because they are very high in purines. The purines cause an increased level or uric acid and this leads to gout. More vegetable proteins could help correct this condition.



It is a high risk for you to stick with a high protein diet. For you to be really healthy and stay that way, you have to eat a balanced diet and incorporate regular exercises. In eating only protein, you voluntarily erase the other nutrients from your system. This disturbs the balance that you have internally. If you do this, you will avoid the negative side effects of high protein diet. Balance is the key to true health and fitness. If you really want to try this diet, make sure to consult with your doctor first. This is to make sure that you are well-guided to prevent medical conditions from developing and underlying conditions from being aggravated. A high protein diet is all right if you use it responsibly as with any other diet in the circulation. So research well before you let it lead the way to a slimmer physique. It is always better to know what you’re getting into than regret for the rest of your life.

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