7 Well-Recognized Natural Menopause Remedies For Hot Flashes

Menopause symptoms vary from woman to woman. Not every single sign of menopause is dominantly exhibited. There are times when you may have insomnia or joint pains. Your doctor can’t exactly tell you what you would have to deal with when menopause sets in. Medical reasons as to why the signs and symptoms come out that way are not yet established. So you and your doctor are left to face the menopausal symptom as they come.

This great event in a woman’s life should not be regarded or looked at as a disorder or even as a disease. It is one of the transitions that happen naturally. Hot flashes do not have a regular degree of manifestation. It is different for every woman when it comes to the pattern of impact in the psychological level. The hot flash is a warm sensation that overwhelms the body most especially in the neck and head. This usually lasts for at least thirty seconds and occurs with flushing or perspiration (night sweats). Hot flashes are usually caused by the continuous decline in estrogen and fluctuations in biochemicals and hormones. It is said to start before the irregularities of menstruation occur. It may last for as long as five to ten years. You could easily consult your doctor about the natural menopause remedies for hot flashes that you could have such as these:


1. Progesterone (natural)

Natural progesterone is available in capsule or cream forms as prometrium or progestins. It is a natural menopause remedies for hot flashes that you could use to treat other symptoms of menopause as well.





2. Soy

Soy is said to be one of the effective natural menopause remedies for hot flashes. You can also have it target the other bothersome menopausal symptoms as well. Soy that you need could just be obtained from certain foods and not from processed supplements. Soy powderm whole soybeans, texturized vegetable protein, tofu, soy milk, miso, and tempeh. You could either take these foods by themselves or incorporate them into your other dishes or drinks.



3. Black cohosh

This is one of the natural menopause remedies for hot flashes that have earned popularity. Black cohosh is said to really reduce the hot flashes that you experience. It could also bring relief for other menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, anxiety, palpitations, and headaches.





4. Exercise

Regular exercise for about thirty minutes daily is also one of the natural menopause remedies for hot flashes. Just keep on having consistent body movements like running, walking, biking, or trekking, But you should remember to avoid exercising three hours before you sleeo so that you could prevent night sweats. Perform your exercises in the morning so that you could have additional energy for the rest of the day.




5. Vitamin E

Taking vitamin E is one of the natural menopause remedies for hot flashes. There are many foods that you could eat that would give you your vitamin E allowance for the day. Some that you could readily eat are nuts, cereals, tomatoes, seafood, mangoes, and papaya. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that could also help you renew your cells and prevent cancer.



6. Clothing

Hot weather triggers hot flashes as well. You cannot possible change the weather but you could certainly change your clothes. When it is too hot, wear cotton so that your skin could breathe easily. Keep your fan or air conditioning on to significantly lessen your bouts of hot flashes, This is one of the more practical natural menopause remedies for hot flashes that you could do in the convenience of your own home or office. It could also help if you avoid activities that subject you to extreme heat, such as marathons.



7. Diet

Avoiding certain foods is one of the natural menopause remedies for hot flashes. You should keep away from caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol. These may or may not be the triggers for you but it is advised that you should try to observe yourself when you take these foods. If you get hot flashes after eating any of the given food items then it is about time you cross them out from your grocery list.




You can experience hot flashes even if you are not undergoing menopause yet so you should consult your doctor about this. Although these natural menopause remedies for hot flashes are effective in helping women, you should still make sure that you keep your physician updated with how you are doing.

Hot flashes are indeed uncomfortable and irritating. It is part of the transformations that women undergo and that should be managed well so that optimal living could be achieved.

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