8 Common Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

When someone significant is addicted to alcohol, it is common for you to misunderstand them. People usually judge them for what they do and this only aggravates the situation. They handle their alcohol in different ways. Some just treat alcohol as part of social gatherings but others make alcohol part of their daily lives. You have to understand that people make alcohol as their best friend because of the environment and the emotional or mental health that the person has. If alcohol is already making your life problematic, then it is a real drinking problem already. Making alcohol a non-essential part of the person’s life could be really hard especially for the family and friends concerned.

Sometimes, friends and family don’t have the slightest clue as to how to identify alcohol addiction signs and symptoms. Most of the time, they just guess or find out too late. As a responsible and a concerned family member or friend, you should know what alcohol addiction signs and symptoms to watch out for.


1. Repeated neglect

This is one of the alcohol addiction signs and symptoms that is very common. Alcohol by this time is already too important to ignore or dismiss. It already comes before everything else. You have a daily routine of activities that you have to take care of. If you choose to be drunk than to accomplish these tasks, then people around you will be deeply affected. With this, the deterioration of your relationships will definitely be next. Daily responsibilities that are not done are critical signals if you are already becoming entranced by alcoholic beverages.


2. Drinking when dangerous

When you find yourself or a loved one drinking while doing something that is dangerous physically. Examples of such activities are diving, flying a plane, practice shooting, hunting, operating heavy machinery, and even combining medications with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol addiction signs and symptoms such as this should be well monitored.


3. Legal problems with drinking

One of the most worrying alcohol addiction signs and symptoms is getting involved in legal problems such as brawls or DUI (driving under the influence). This makes you frequent the police station a lot and this caused trouble with your other relationships as well.



4. Drinking if it’s causing relationship problems

Escaping your troubles by drinking only causes more troubles inside and outside the home. If you still resort to drinking even if it causes relationship troubles, then it is already a drinking problem. You already find alcohol more important than your family and friends. This should be dealt with proper help.



5. De-stressing with alcohol

If you have already formed a habit of finding relief when you drink alcoholic beverages, then you are already hooked. This is one of the undeniable alcohol addiction signs and symptoms.





6. Tolerance

Being able to tolerate a huge amount of alcohol more than your companions is one of the alcohol addiction signs and symptoms. This makes you believe that you are better in handling alcohol, that is why you drink more.




7. Alcohol withdrawal

If there is a time that you do not have your alcohol taken and you experience sweating, nausea, anxiety, trembling, irritability, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, headache, and fatigue, then you are already suffering from alcohol addiction.



8. Other signs and symptoms

Other alcohol addiction signs and symptoms are guilt, lying, blacking out, and drinking excessively are other symptoms of alcoholism. Guilt is exhibited when you know that your drinking is getting out of hand and you are ashamed about it. But you still drink, even if you feel shame in doing it. When you lie about your drinking, then it is already a problem. You may already be hiding bottles or cans in your room, in your bag, or in your car. This is a very sneaky means to have your relief during stressful times. In blacking out upon drinking too much, you already experience being too overwhelmed by the influence of alcohol. Here, you already lose memory of anything that you might have been doing or saying while you were drinking. Drinking too much or in excess is obviously a very strong indication that you are already an alcoholic.



Alcohol addiction is a very strong enemy to battle. One must have the support of family and friends to identify and control the alcohol addiction signs and symptoms. You must also coordinate with your doctor all the time so as to make sure that your addiction is halted and your recuperation is well-managed.

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