8 Effective Methods of Natural Keloid Scar Treatment

People get scars almost everyday of their lives. It may be a scar from a scratch, injury, acne, or some viral disease that they may have had. Some only develop scratches or flattened scars but there are individuals who have tough, elevated scars called keloids or keloid scars. This type of scar is like a separated lump of skin that is colored purple or pink and irregularly shaped. Most keloids enlarge or progress. This is a type of scar that doesn’t normally disappear.

You may immediately acquire keloids after you had a sugery, piercings, burns, deep wounds, and acne.  A keloid may already be forming when you notice a pink, purple, or shiny, dome-shaped elevation on the area of the healing wound. This is itchy, painful, tender, and have the probability to enlarge. Many people are put off by their keloids because they are unsightly. Keloid formation is hereditary so if one of the family members have developed one, there is a possibility that you could, too. A keloid usually forms in the area of the earlobes, shoulders, back, and chest. It is rarely situated in the facial area but it could also appear in the jawline. People undergo keloid scar treatments because of cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. Here are some methods of natural keloid scar treatment that you might be interested in:


1. Vitamin E

An effective method of natural keloid scar treatment is the application of Vitamin E creams on the affected area. This effectively softens the keloid scar tissue. You could do this about two times daily to prevent the progressive enlargement of the scar. Creams with Vitamin E as an active ingredient helps flatten the keloid, lessens its tenderness, lightens its coloration, and makes them almost part of the normal skin that you have. The available Vitamin E creams are produced from allantoin and onions.



2. Calendula

Calendula is another natural keloid scar treatment. This is usually administered during the early stages of the keloid formation. It comes in gel or cream form that you could conveniently apply on the scar to lessen its inflammation. Calendula also makes the healing process go faster. Apply the gel or cream at least twice a day for you to get the best results.




3. Lavender

Lavender is not only a pretty herb that relaxes you, It is also an effective natural keloid scar treatment. This herb stops the progressive growth of the nodules. Lavender also rejuvenates the skin that is why it is very effective in treating keloid scars. Just apply lavender essential oil on the affected area t stop the keloid’s growth and facilitate faster healing.





4. Leave it alone

Just as with any other scar, keloid scars will be less irritating and heal faster when you do not pick it or try to rub it off of your normal skin. This would only aggravate the appearance and bother you more.





5. Mustard seed oil

Another natural keloid scar treatment is the application of mustard oil. Mustard oil improves the appearance of the keloid scar after few weeks of application. Just make sure that you religiously apply this 2-3 times daily on the affected area.





6. Everlasting and rose

An ounce each of rose oil, everlasting oil, and rose hip seed oil all mixed up in a dark or actinic bottle is an effective natural keloid scar treatment. Just rub the preparation on your keloid scars daily after you bathe, when the skin is still very soft.





7. Thiosinaminum 5C

Thiosinaminum 5C is used as a natural keloid scar treatment that targets appearance, scarring, swelling, pain, and inflammation of the keloid. This is commonly used on the formed keloid scar for about three months, about twice in a day.





8. Pulsed electrotherapy

An effective natural keloid scar treatment is pulsed electrotherapy that reduces the progressive growth of the keloid scar. It softens and breaks down the keloid’s tissues. This, when used with massage is effective for larger keloid scars.




It is advisable for you to keep your doctor informed about the formation of your keloid scar. If you know that you have formed keloids before, then you should avoid having piercings or any surgery that will incise and scar. Your physician may tell you to use the conventional medications with the natural keloid scar treatment that you want but you should discuss it well first to avoid any adverse reactions. A good diet with antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E will also help you heal your wound faster and lessen the inflammation and pain much faster.

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