8 Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a primary, persistent illness with genetic, psychosocial and environmental aspects affecting its development and symptoms.  It is considered as a progressive illness that can be fatal if it is not well treated.  Alcoholics keep on abusing alcohols in spite of severe adverse health, personal, job-related and financial effects.

Alcoholism is considered a disease that in a long run, a person affected by it begins to miss work and even keep out themselves from family doings.  Alcoholism is both inclined by the genes of the person and by his or her lifestyle.  The behavior of the parents or any adult family members affect one’s growing up.  There is also a studies conducted that there are certain geographic places that have high rates in alcoholism than in other places.  It only proved that the risk of having alcoholism is genetic.

How can you describe alcoholism?

Alcoholism can be best described as the following:

  • A prolonged time of recurrent and intense use of alcohol.
  • The incapability to manage the drinking once it has started.
  •  Physical dependence is noticeable by the withdrawal symptom once the person discontinues the use of alcohol.
  • Being tolerant or the want to drink alcohol more and more to attain the equal effects.


Is alcoholism will bring bad effect in our physical health?

Definitely, alcoholism will badly affect a person’s physical health.

  • Too much intake of alcohol will serve as a toxin that causes damage in the transmission of nerve impulses present in the brain and nervous system.  Persistent abuse of alcohol affects the person physically and psychologically.  Physically it is noticeable through tremor, loss of balance, lack of sensation on feet and hands, impotence and even blindness.  Psychologically is mental confusion, impaired capability to learn and loss of intellectual capabilities.  It can also cause delirium tremens like anxiety, intense excitement, mental confusion, hallucination and rapid pulse.
  • Alcoholism can damage liver which can lead to cirrhosis or liver failure that will end up to cancer and even death.
  • It can cause damage of the stomach and intestines which is life threatening.  Swelling of the digestive system will result wherein the food is not properly digested or absorbed.
  • Alcoholism can also cause malnutrition.  Too much intake of alcohol will make the body to lack of ability to absorb variety of vitamins which can lead to memory disorders.
  • It can also cause cardiovascular problems.  Excessive intake of alcohol can harm the heart muscle and can cause a high blood pressure.  Perforation of the cardiovascular system will lead to a heart failure or even stroke.
  • Alcoholism causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Alcoholism has also been related to an elevated threat of different cancer like cancer of larynx, esophagus, colon and liver.
  • Excessive abuse of alcohol can also cause diabetes or elevated blood sugar.


What are the signs and symptoms of alcoholism?


 1.     Amount of alcohol

There is the incapability to limit the intake of the amount of alcohol that may develop tolerance to alcohol.





2.     Urge to drink

There is a strong feeling or urge to drink alcohol even without any reason and done it alone or in secret.





3.     Occurrence of problems

Personal problems, legal problems, finances and job related problems are occurring due to drinking of alcohol.





4.     Physical withdrawal symptoms

Presence of nausea, shaking and sweating when there is no intake of alcohol.





5.     Blacking out

Can not recall or remember any commitments or conversations done.






6.     Drinking as a habit

Make drinking of alcohol as a habit and feeling upset when this habit are being questioned or disturbed.





7.     No more hobbies

There are no interests at all in any hobbies or physical activities that are used to bring delightful feelings.





8.     Keeping alcohol

Keeping or storing alcohol in not likely places at work, home or even inside the car.






If you are experiencing some of these eight symptoms, you should consult or ask for assistance from a medical expert before having too late.  If you feel of abusing alcohol but not totally addicted to it but already causing problems or troubles in your life seek immediately for assistance before it develop to a full-blown alcoholism.  Denial is the most common characteristic of alcoholism that you may not think that being treated is needed.  You may not aware of how much quantity of alcohol you are abusing and the problems caused by the use of the alcohol.  Pay attention to your family members and friends when they tell you to look at your drinking behavior for they are the first one who can observe if there are any changes in your drinking habit.

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