9 Dangerous Diets That You Should Avoid

Weight loss has become an obsession for most people. So many of them seem to endlessly find ways on how to lose weight but want to accelerate the process more each time. As sedentary living and high technology become more and more prevalent, people are becoming lazier and lazier. This laziness has caused the uprising of so many diets that aim to reduce a significant amount of weight in so little time. These diets were considered dangerous diets because they compromise your health just so you could lose weight fast.

Dangerous diets are called dangerous because they cause more harm than good. At first, they may be seen as magic potions and instant solutions but the end results are very detrimental and may cause long term health disorders. Here are some of the so-called dangerous diets that have paraded and left the health and fitness world:


1. Hollywood

The Hollywood diet is also known as the grapefruit diet. This is one of the dangerous diets that makes you eat grapefruit juice and half a grapefruit together with each main meal. But in this diet, you should just take in less than 800 cal. This is a very strict diet that emphasizes the component of the grapefruit that burns fat. This concept, however, had no scientific proof and was very boring for the dieters who tried it. It was seen that those who got off the Hollywood diet just bounced back to bad eating habits.



2. Bleeping Beauty

This diet’s concept just involves sleeping off your unwanted weight for several days. You don’t eat when you sleep so your body is like in hibernation that consumes the stores fats. You have to use a sedative here and you get knocked out for as long as you want. It was at its peak in the 70’s and was said to have been tried by Elvis Presley.




3. Lemon cleanse

This diet is also known as the Master Cleanse or the Maple Syrup Diet. Lemon Cleanse is definitely one of the dangerous diets that circle around the concept of detoxification. It was established by Stanley Burroughs in the year 1941. This is also a very strict 10-day diet that aims to reduce weight, cleanse, and treat diseases. All you eat in this diet are cyan pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice. It definitely lacks the necessary nutrients that yielded constipation and headaches.




4. Patches

Unlike the nicotine patches, the diet patches that were used by some people were not FDA-approved. The use of diet patches definitely takes the cake when it comes to laziness in losing weight. This is said to stop the cravings just by slapping a diet patch on and not doing anything to actually practice the diet.





5. Ear staple

This is one of the known dangerous diets because this involves stapling the ear cartilage. The ear cartilage was known to prevent cravings. This is a method of weight loss that is dangerous because of the possible infection, severe pain, and nerve damage. It is illegal in the state of Florida because of the obvious consequences.





6. Diet fork

The fork diet is a diet that uses a fork to control your portions. The intake is dependent on the size of fork that you use.






7. Cotton ball

The Cotton ball Diet is one of the dangerous diets because here, you have to eat cotton balls. Cotton balls are really low in calories and very high in fiber but the danger is that it clogs your digestive system and absorbs substances in you GIT. This could cause more problems if you try this.





8. Glasses

The use of the Vision-Dieter glasses as a diet choice is more of a novelty than a reality. The glasses are supposed to alter your perception of the food that you see, making the food very unappetizing to you.



9. Tapeworms

Ingesting Tapeworm pills is one of the dangerous diets because in this diet, you introduce a very harmful parasite into your body—the tapeworm. The parasites live in your GIT and consume the food that you ingest. The proteins that the parasites secrete will make your digestive system very inefficient. This is already banned by the FDA.





If you want to lose weight, you should stick to diet and exercise. Diet referred to here is the healthy kind—one that focuses on calorie count, portion control, and food alternatives. A change in lifestyle would also contribute to weight loss. You could consult your doctor for the healthy diets that are good for your health status and not resort to dangerous diets.

3 thoughts on “9 Dangerous Diets That You Should Avoid

  1. Tina

    I think most of them are crazy, but the lemonade diet, or Master Cleanse is not. You have to do it properly, and read how to start and stop correctly, it is a cleanse and it does work. I’ve done it three separate times. Our bodies are too toxic and this is one way of reversing that.

    1. Mian Ong Post author

      I definitely agree with you Tina. The Lemon cleanse diet should be seen only as a cleansing diet. It rapidly rids your body of excess weight and a lot of toxins for a short period of ten days. It can be dangerous because some people may see this as a long-term diet. Cyan pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice are not considered a healthy long-term diet, and this may cause health troubles. Also, if the person has an underlying health problem, this may cause further harm to his or her health condition. It is recommended that those who would want to try this diet should check with their doctors first, just to be sure that they will harness more of the Lemon cleanse diet’s benefits. Thank you for you for reading my post, Tina! Take care!


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