9 Facts That You Should Remember When Recovering From Breast Augmentations


Women have always been convinced that a perfect body shape is what makes them attractive and look good in whatever clothes they wear. To have the perfect body shape that they want, good-size breasts are very important to them. This is why breasts augmentations are very popular among those who are very conscious with their breasts.

Breasts augmentations are the instant solution to a better size of breasts that you always wanted. To most women, larger breasts are the source of confidence and a higher level of self esteem. They see it as a means of having an edge in society. Undergoing breasts augmentations is not an easy decision to make. Being under the knife is enough of a challenge for you to experience. But what happens after? Here are some of the things that you need to know when recovering from breasts augmentations:


1. Inflammation and swelling

When you are recovering from breasts augmentations, swelling and inflammation is bound to happen. You could immediately relieve this with a cold compress for the first two days of recovery. A surgical bra is also prescribed for you to wear o keep the breasts compressed and stable. The swelling after breasts augmentations will gradually go down after 6 months.



2. Skin is stretched

When you undergo breasts augmentations, it is only natural for your skin to be stretched because it is accommodating the implants. As the healing goes on, accommodation of the implants will happen. Eventually, the skin to feel less stretched.





3. Pain

Pain medication is given after breasts augmentations. This is because pain is anticipated and really takes place when the anesthesia wears out. It is said that the pain is for about a week after the operation. You should immediately go to your doctor for any increase in pain to correct whatever it is that is going on with your breasts.




4. Bruises

Bruising is only natural after breasts augmentations. In about two or three weeks, the discolorations will disappear.






5. Drainage

Excess fluid buildup is only natural after breasts augmentations. There will be drains attached to your breast to help you get rid of the excess fluids. This will be done in a week. The tubes are usually removed at around three days after the surgery.



6. Suture care

After breasts augmentations, the sutures should be monitored and cleaned everyday. It should not harbor any moisture at all to keep bacteria at bay. Do not apply any prepared lotions or creams on the sutures because they could only cause infections and further swelling. It is very difficult to maintain dryness of the sutures, especially when you sweat. You should be vigilant about this to prevent further aggravation of the incision areas. Antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor as your healing takes place. Sutures only close up your incision points so they still are just closed up wounds that could really easily take up bacteria. Antibiotics help you prevent infections in your sutured areas.


7. Scarring

Scarring happens after breasts augmentations. After the procedure, the scars are bright pink in color and a bit raised up. Eventually, these scars will disappear. You could apply skin creams to help the scars fade. Do not tan yourself just yet because this will darken the scars.  Taking vitamin supplements will also make the scars disappear much faster. Eating more vegetables and fruits will also hasten the healing process.




8. Sleep

After breasts augmentations, you will be told to sleep on your back, with your head elevated slightly. This is to prevent swelling and accelerate healing. You should be monitored while you sleep to make sure that you  do not shift positions at all. You could really hurt yourself if you sleep on your side or your stomach.




9. Time

Time heals all breasts augmentations. In about six months, your breasts will almost be completely healed. Healing depends on the person who undergoes it. There are many factors that contribute to the healing process itself. After a week, you could probably feel okay to work and may even return to exercising lightly in two weeks. Numbness of the nipples is also natural during this time. After complete healing, your nipples may be hypersensitive. Numbness or hypersensitivity will disappear eventually. Even the scars will disappear completely in time.




Always keep close contact with your surgeon so that you can be sure that everything about your breast augmentation procedure is okay. Breasts augmentations take a lot of consideration and if you are really decided to get through with it, then you should remember these facts on the recovery phase so that you could enjoy your newly found self image

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