Concepts to Remember About Neocate Infant Formula

When you have a baby, it is always a big responsibility to make sure that the best possible nutrition will be provided at all times. As you know, good nutrition is needed to sustain proper growth and development. For infants, it is vital to start the supply of complete nutrients from day one. One of the best ways to do this is to give Neocate.

Of course, breast milk is always the unquestionable source of the best immune protection and primary nutrition for your infant. Neocate is a supplementation that could help greatly improve the health of your infant’s health and overall development. If you aren’t that familiar with the Neocate infant formula, here are some of the facts that you could discuss with your pediatrician:

1. What is it?

Neocate infant formula is a formulated food supplement for children and infants that have allergies. In 1983, it was created and from then on, people all over the world started using it for their children. As years went by, more formulations were developed per pediatric developmental stage, so that proper nutrients will be assimilated by these children who are in need of an elemental diet. Neocate infant formula is food supplementation to answer to specialized purposes in the medical area. This is given to help various medical conditions that could be improved or cured by nutritional management. In using Neocate infant formula, your child should be under the care of your doctor at all times.



2. Benefits

Regardless of your child’s age, Neocate infant formula has the nutrients needed to develop and grow in the pink of health if the right amounts are given. It could even be the sole source of nutrition that gives the balanced supply of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Remember that the Neocate infant formula should be properly given according to the age of your child so it is very important to read the labels. Neocate infant formula is age-specific with the following descriptions:

  • Neocate infant formula (LCP)—formulated for infants zero – twelve months
  • Neocate infant formula (Nutra)—formulated for children six months onwards, ideal for introducing solid foods
  • Neocate infant formula (Active)—formulated for children one – ten years, but should not be used as the sole  nutritional source
  • Neocate infant formula (Advance)—formulated for children one – ten years as well.

If your child’s weight is not improving or is not growing as expected, you should consult with your dietitian or pediatrician so that a diet change may be done if needed.



3. First time use

Neocate infant formula has a distinct taste, smell, and appearance. It may take some time for your child to adapt to taking it the first time. You don’t have to be worried if this happens. The smell and taste are because of the amino acid content. Neocate infant formula is not that creamy or milky so don’t add more than the recommended scoops. Your infant’s stool may be green or dark colored because of the digestion that it undergoes in your child’s body. Your child may even break wind while on Neocate infant formula. A decrease in bowel movements is also expected because of the quick absorbability of the formula. Your child may also have a bigger appetite. Because of this more of the Neocate infant formula may be taken in especially when your child is underweight.



4. New foods

If you are starting to introduce solid foods into your child’s diet already, Neocate infant formula could help you accomplish this. This is a valuable stage in your child’s diet and should be given much attention. Just remember the following:

  • Start giving solids at seventeen weeks
  • Only introduce solid foods when your child is not sick
  • Introduce one solid food at a time so that you could easily identify allergies
  • The frequency of giving each new food should be discussed with your doctor
  • If your child becomes allergic to one complimentary food, you should wait three days first before you give another one.



When your child tolerates the new foods that you give, continue giving them along with Neocate infant formula. This will make sure that your child gets all the ideal nutrients needed to grow and develop optimally. Food has always been seen as the primary assistant of parents when it comes to making their children healthy. You definitely are what you eat. When your child gets all the needed nutrition, surely his or her development will be nothing than optimal. Make sure that you coordinate with your doctor and dietitian to be guided properly in using Neocate infant formula.

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