DIY Remedies for Your Neck Ache


It is apparent that man has a large brain and encased in a solid skull. The head, in totality, weighs about eight pounds. Nothing but the cervical or neck spine, the upper back, muscles, and cartilages support it. This is why many people experience neck ache. With your daily activities, it is easy to put strain and stress on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Those who sustain one position that really puts a lot on the neck like driving long hours, working on a computer all day, uncomfortable sleeping position, incorrect posture, and carrying heavy loads. The inevitable outcome is the shortening of the neck tendons and weakening of the ligaments. The muscles of the neck will also get spastic, headaches will occur, and the pain will eventually radiate to the shoulders and arms as well.

Surely, you should want to get rid of that neck ache at the soonest possible time. Try these DIY home remedies for neck ache that will help you feel better in no time:

1. Sports cream

Sports cream or mentholated cream is also an effective relief for neck ache. It works pretty much the same as the ice pack, only it gives the added penetration of the medications in it. The topical preparation allows the active pain relievers to be absorbed through the skin and target the neck ache.




2. Hot shower

One way of effectively relieving yourself of that nasty neck ache is by taking a hot shower. You could just stand there, and let the hot water hit your neck for about fifteen minutes. It will help loosen your strained neck muscles and relax you. The hot water will also provide overall relaxation so that you may be able to sleep better.





3. Ice pack

Applying an ice pack or a cold pack onto your neck ache will relieve you of the pain and inflammation. It numbs your pain and gives you relief for a while until you finally relax and fall asleep. Do not let the ice pack stay on your skin for more than fifteen minutes because it may burn you. Just repeat the process in a cycle of one hour.




4. OTC pain meds

Taking oral OTC (over-the-counter) pain medications is also a sure way of being free from your neck ache. There’s ibuprofen, paracetamol, and even mefenamic acid for any inflammation. But you have to check with your doctor if it is really necessary for you to take these OTC pain meds.




5. Medicated patch

A medicated patch could also help you with your neck ache. It is like the sports cream but sticks to your skin. It penetrated the painful spot on your neck. The downside of this method is that the patch will show if you don’t wear clothing that may conceal it. But it does work effectively. Even athletes use this during games because the effect doesn’t get washed away by sweat.




6. Neck support

Supporting the neck is another sure way of getting relief from that debilitating neck ache. Your neck is basically under stress from supporting your entire head. If your work a desk or computer job all day, then your head is working against gravity. Your neck and upper back work double time to really maintain your head’s upright position so that you can do what you need to do. There are neck support cushions out in the market that will really help you deal with long hours of sitting.





Neck ache is a common everyday painful episode that you may have had for years. Improving your lifestyle by maintaining a regular exercise schedule and meditation could help you manage it for years to come. Having adequate rest and recreation could also contribute to a better neck condition. You could also purchase orthopedic pillows and mattresses that help support your spine when you sleep.  There are also herbal treatments that you could try like St. John’s Wort, coconut oil, Angelica oil, arnica, and sage. These will help you with your neck ache through massage. The heat and herbal components will penetrate through the skin and heal you. Do not let the heating pad stay too long on your skin and only use water that is just hot enough for you to take.  If in case your neck ache doesn’t improve, it is time to talk to your doctor about it so that  you may be examined for more possible reasons for your persistent neck ache. It’s better to be sure than pay for it with an untreated condition for the rest of your life.

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