Easy to follow Natural Remedies of Menopause

Every woman can not avoid this major change specifically when she reaches middle age and beyond in her life where she can experience the symptoms of what we called, menopause.  Menopause is a medical term characterized by the permanent ending of the main functions of a woman’s ovary.   It is from the Greek word pausis and the root men which means, the end of monthly cycles.  But before the menstruation comes to an end there are many symptoms that a woman may encounter.   Disappearance of menstruation in an entire one year can be formally confirmed that a certain woman is menopause.  This will be the beginning of a woman’s end of productivity.

The hormonal level may vary for a number of years before finally low down that the endometrium became lean that it can not produce blood anymore.  Generally, the ovary starts to gradually produce hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.   Estrogen, the most significant sex and reproductive hormone is also very important in heart, liver and bladder function, bone formation and provides moisture to our skin to keep it glow and healthy and lastly to control body temperature.  So, having a low estrogen level may cause many changes to adjust in a woman’s body.  Everywoman in a middle age should be prepared of the possible changes will occur in her body.

The following are the list of the symptoms of menopause.

  • The first common symptom of menopause is hot flashes.  This is the feeling of tremendously hot or cold feeling.  This is may be the cause of the low level of estrogen hormone.  There are times of awfully hot or cold sensations even the temperature is normal and feel comfortable to others.
  • There may encounter problem in sleeping habit especially at night because of hot flushes and irritability.
  • Inadequate level of estrogen hormone may also cause vaginal dryness.  This may result pain or   uneasiness especially during sexual intercourse that sometimes bleeding may occur.
  • There may an increase of usual aches like headaches, back, neck and joint pains.
  • Women having menopause mostly experience bladder problems.  Inability to control urine and recurrent urination are the common cause when there is no enough estrogen level present in the bladder tissue.
  • Skin is very susceptible to the insufficiency of hormonal level that can cause dryness and irritation.  It may also lessen the elasticity of the skin that will lead to wrinkles.
  • It may also bring effect in behavioral changes like depression, anxiety, irritability loss of sexual desire.  All these emotional problems are connected to the absence of the estrogen plus the incapability to manage psychological effect.


How can a woman having a menopause can manage or can be relieved of all these discomforts?


The following are the easy to follow natural remedies of menopause.


 1.     Change to a healthy lifestyle

 Wear comfortable cotton apparel.   Stay away from alcohol, spicy foods and most  especially stress!  Have a cold drinks or ice packs.  Get rid of hot showers before going  to bed.  Having a relaxation and deep breathing can lessen hot flashes.




2.     Taking Vitamin E

There are few women encountered a decrease of having hot flashes when taking vitamin E.  But according to medical study taking vitamin E will only have slight effect on the reduction of hot flushes.




3.     Eating soy

The medical study of the benefit of eating soy is not yet established.  It has a different effect in women who undergo a study.  Some have an affirmative result regarding the reduction of hot flashes but for some women it has no favorable effect.



4.     Acupuncture and Yoga

The advantages bring of acupuncture and yoga has a great ease from hot flashes.  Most of the women having yoga experienced easiness from menopausal symptoms like night sweat, hot flashes, irritability and depression.




5.     Pelvic floor exercise

 This pelvic floor muscle exercise or known as Kegel exercise can bring better help in urinary incontinence.




6.     Physical exercise

Medical study revealed that physical exercise has a great effect to lessen the intensity of hot flashes by 55%.  It also brings a big help to sustain a strong bones which is very important to a middle aged woman because of the decreasing in calcium.  For women who are not taking hormonal replacement therapy but having a regular exercise may also has an advantage to maintain a strong bone.


All these natural remedies will make an easy way for a middle aged woman experiencing menopause.  It is just an easy pointer to follow.  Menopause is not considered a disease but rather a biological change that a woman should face with confidence and not be threatened with the symptoms.



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