Fight the Curse of Skin Aging

Who is not worried of skin aging?  Skin is one of the main organs of human being.  It is in charge of defending the inner part of our body.  It protects us from changes of temperatures and any physical injuries.  It provides protection to our internal organs against from the toxic materials of outer world.  Skin gives resistance against attack of any microorganisms like virus, bacteria and others.  It is also responsible in excreting wastes from our body through perspiration.  Skin has important obligations to us but in reality, we often neglect in taking care of our skin.

Skin composed of two layers, the dermis and the epidermis.  The dermis is the interior part of the skin that has blood vessels, fat cells, nerve fibers, sweat and oil glands and hair follicles.  It has proteins, the collagen and elastin which are in charge of the construction and softness of the skin itself.  These proteins are the cause of the development of aging.  The epidermis, outermost layer of the skin which contains melanocytes or pigment cells that produce melanin is responsible in determining the color of the skin.

What are the causes of skin aging?  The causes of skin aging are divided into two groups, the intrinsic and the extrinsic one.

Intrinsic causes of skin aging

  • As people grow old skin loses its flexibility and firmness because of the slow production of proteins.  It lessens its thickness and prone to detriment.
  • The skin cells do not rejuvenate rapidly which appears to be dry looking skin.
  • The amount of pigment holding the cells lessened and only few are enhanced in volume which results to skin blotchiness.
  • Another cause is the loss of fat under the skin making it less smooth and firm.  There is also less in oil production causing flakiness and itchiness of the skin.
  • Shrinkage of bones which result to sagging.
  • As part of the aging process, blood vessels become weaker causing brownish-red spots on the skin.  This can also cause varicose veins.


Extrinsic causes of skin aging


  • There are many external factors that causes skin aging and one of them is smoking.  According to study smokers are five times more likely to develop wrinkles than to those who do not smoke.  The theory behind this is that smoking harms the production of proteins which leads to skin aging.
  • Another one is the sun exposure.  Prolong and frequent expose to the sun fasten the skin aging.  The ultraviolet rays decrease the production of new cells causing the skin to wrinkle.  Sun exposure also causes freckles, fine wrinkles, discoloration of the skin, age spots, broken capillaries on the face and the worst skin cancer.  Fair-skinned people are more susceptible to skin aging cause by sun exposure than the dark-skinned people.


After knowing the causes, let’s learn the most effective ways to fight against skin aging.



1.     Eating antioxidant foods


Grapes, one of the most top antioxidant food rich in vitamin C, E and B6.  It has flavonoids and elagic acid that maintains the skin firmness and softness.  Eating antioxidant foods are the excellent way in fighting skin aging.



2.     Taking right amount of food


Performing right diet is the main essential to fight against skin aging.  Green  leafy vegetables, whole grains and tomatoes are not only makes our skin feel young but it also provides nutrition to our whole body as well.



3.     Good rest and enough sleep

There are wonderful things happened to our body while we sleep.  No wonder   why Sleeping Beauty look  so wonderful is because of her hundred years of sleeping!  During our sleep, damaged cells are revived.  The immune system and energy are also able to rejuvenate.  So, be sure to have enough good rest and      sleep to keep your skin healthy and feel young all the time.



4.      Healthy Physical Exercises

Doing healthy physical exercise does not only makes our body fit but also keeps our skin glow and healthy that makes us always feel young.  It promotes blood circulation and strengthens the skin by          helping to provide oxygen to skin cells.  In this way, it does not only fight skin aging but also stress.  But,  overdoing exercises can also do harm in our skin for it may cause a pre-mature aging.  So, be sure to perform a good and healthy exercise.


5.      Drinking enough water

Drinking water is one of the best and simple way but yet very effective to fight skin aging.  It helps to flush out all the harmful toxins waste inside our body.  Drinking adequate amount of water keep the skin cells properly hydrated preventing the skin to become dry and itchy.  It helps the skin cells to perform their job effectively.



These are all the ways to maintain healthy good looking skin.  Skin changes as we grow old but the important thing is we have weapon against the curse of skin aging.

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