Five Drugs Tested by 5 Panel Drug Test

Throughout the years, it’s a fact that drugs have caused a lot of negative consequences among individuals. For instance, some people resolve to violence due to not recognizing people while being high on substance or merely drug use are affecting their moods. Some companies experience problems and extreme loss due to employees who are doing drugs while working. A number of accidents were also caused by drug abuse. Because of this, 5 panel drug test has been developed to help government organizations and companies ensure that their employees were clean from these substances to avoid life-threatening problems.

If this is your first time to hear about 5 panel drug test, one of your question is what types of drugs does this procedure check? The following are some of the substance that it tests to help you have an idea how important this procedure is before giving out licenses or allowing people to work in a company. This will also discuss its effects to individuals who are using them.


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Cocaine or also known as crack is among the known substances taken by individuals through snorting or injecting. This is known to be a stimulant drug and can be highly addictive for individuals who take them. Since it will work as a stimulant, it results to giving patients high energy and mental alertness. Several countries have noted that some people who work in companies especially those who are required to work overtime or long night shifts take this drug for added energy. However, abuse may result to hallucinations which results to accidents. With the help of 5 panel drug test, companies will have an idea whether the person they will hire is taking this substance and prevent these problems.



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Marijuana is perhaps the most popular drugs above all substances. In fact, several resources have cited that many people have already tried smoking this substance and a lot of them got hooked to it. Effects of this substance may be different depending on the individuals. Some may feel that their coordination is affected in a negative way while others have memory problems. Anxiety is also among the extremely negative effects of marijuana. The good thing about 5 panel drug test is it’s very accurate and can find its traces.






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Amphetamine and metamphetamine are somehow related to each other because of their effect to people. Just like other stimulants, these substances known as speed have the ability to promote hyperactivity to individuals as part of its physical effects. In addition, it can also cause individuals anxiety and even amphetamine psychosis if taken on high doses.




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Opiates refer to different medications or narcotics that contain opioid alkaloids. Many people are getting hooked to these substances because most of these are prescribed to patients specifically in treating pain. Medications like oxycodone, Codeine, and others are used to control pain. However, many people are abusing its use and result to withdrawal symptoms.


PCP is also commonly known as wack, ozone, or rocket fuel. People who take in or snort this drug can experience hallucinations, delusions and other symptoms that resemble schizophrenia. Hallucinations are among the causes of accidents resulting from drug abuse so it’s vital that every employee should pass the 5 panel drug test before being hired on the job to prevent these issues.

These are the common drugs taken by people and are tested by 5 panel drug test. With all the accidents occurring today, it’s just important to control people who may cause these accidents by passing 5 panel drug test before getting licenses or working in companies. The 5 panel drug test is a standard among these establishments and it’s just a way to keep everyone safe and even prevent further accidents that kill lives from occurring.


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