How These Natural Skin Care Tips Can Help You

Caring for your skin goes beyond just making sure that it is clean. Remember that it is the reason why your internal environment is mainly protected. Your skin is your primary means of protection from all the harsh elements. So it is only proper that you keep it healthy and strong.

Skin care is very important especially for those who are very conscious about how they look. This outer coating of your body is evidence of how well you take care of yourself. Making sure that your skin is in good condition shows that you prioritize your health and that you don’t neglect your body. People tend to spend so much in looking for the best skin care product that are suitable for them. You could just consult a dermatologist for specially formulated  solutions for special cases. But if you are the type who has adaptable skin, here are some natural skin care tips that you could consider:


1. Dry brush exfoliation

Dry brush exfoliation is done by using a bristle brush to run over your skin. This is best done first thing in the morning before you bathe. The process eliminates the dead skin cells and makes your skin detoxify. It also improves the circulation of your blood and lymph and reduces the puffiness. The stroking sensation also relaxes your nerves.




2. Improve diet

Diet is part of the natural skin care tips because eating is a natural activity that you do. Make sure that you drink enough water everyday. This prevents constipation and facilitates better elimination of toxins from your body. Eat more fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. Eat more apples, whole grain, legumes, cauliflower, beans, flaxseeds, and berries. Fiber enables the smooth elimination of wastes and adds bulk to them as well.


3. Improve circulation

One of the natural skin care tips that you can never escape is having regular exercise or activities. Stretching, walking, massage, or working out in the gym would definitely help you achieve a better circulation and oxygenation. If this is achieved, then your skin will be well supplied with nourishment and will be able to function and look better.




4. No excess sugar

Glycation is one of the causes of premature aging. This is not good for your skin because it does harm on the protein molecule of your skin. Advance glycation end products (AGE)  result in sagging of your skin because the cartilage, ligaments, and the skin are damaged.





5. Good fats

Essential fatty acid intake is one of the natural skin care tips that you should remember. You could get rid of the inflammation and dryness that you experience on your skin. You could ever prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. You could get your good fats from flaxseed oil, walnut oil, fish (cold water), and natural fish oil supplements that you could get from organic food stores.




6. Natural facial masks

Organic facial masks made from combining honey with rose oil, almonds, and yogurt are effective in rejuvenating your skin and peeling away dead skin cells and impurities that clog your pores, resulting to acne and other skin disorders. Lemon could also be used with honey as a mask that effectively lightens your skin as well.





7. Other skin care recipes

Natural skin care tips are also made up of various concoctions that you can make in your home. A banana can be mashed with milks and then left on your skin for twenty minutes before you rinse it off. You could also mix honey. Lemon juice, and walnut powder to make a rough paste for a facial scrub. After scrubbing, you let the paste stay on your skin for twenty minutes before you rinse off. You could also do the same with a combination of orange juice and turmeric powder and mango with milk. These concoctions may be very sticky and gooey but you will be able to feel and see the effects of each valuable component on your skin. Just do these religiously to obtain the best results.



It is always better to go natural when it comes to caring for your skin. You should start with taking care of your inner environment for the health to really radiate out onto your skin. Natural skin care tips are just what they are—tips. It is really up to you to be vigilant and to be really serious about your skin’s health. If you are under the care of a dermatologist, talk to your doctor so that you will be able to make sure that your skin is benefitted and not harmed.

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