How You Should Use a Neti Pot

Alternative medicine has made its way into the lives of so many people. This means of regaining your health has really become popular in all parts of the world. Everything has already been used from roots to buds, from candles to smoke. There are also others who resort to some simple apparatus to correct their ailments. One such equipment is the neti pot.

You may have already seen this contraption. The neti pot is a small pitcher that is made of either plastic or ceramic. Like a regular pitcher, it had two orifices—the spout and the top. Since it is a vessel, salt water is placed in it for the cleansing of the nasal passages. This process is called the sinus wash. It is said to be recommended everyday as part of personal hygiene. When sinuses are cleansed, symptoms of flu, nasal dryness, colds, sinus infections, sinus irritations, and allergies are relieved. It is also helpful in reducing any amount of swelling of your nasal membranes. The following are the proper steps in using the neti pot, that will only take you about three to five minutes:

1. Preparation

To start using the neti pot, you should first prepare the necessary elements. Prepare water that is neither too cold nor too hot (lukewarm/tepid). Fill the vessel with the prepared water or just about half a cup would be fine. You should get your hands on distilled water, which is recommended because of its safety and purity if eve you are not sure  about your area’s water supply. About ¼-1/2 tsp of table salt, sea salt, or kosher salt (no iodine) should be added into the tepid water. Dissolve the salt well with a clean spoon. With this, you are now ready to use the neti pot.



2. Application

It is always best to clean your hands thoroughly before you handle things that you will use on yourself. If you have already done this, lean over the sink or a basin. Your neck should be bent downwards slightly. Your eyes should also look downwards. Get the neti pot and position its spout in the right nostril first. This forms a seal that will prevent leakage. Slightly open your mouth and use it for continuous breathing while you cleanse your sinuses. This makes air to enter your air passages and the water you introduce into your nostril will not enter your mouth and airway. Make sure that you tilt your head to the side until it is above the left nostril. Tilt the neti pot to make the saline solution enter the right nostril. Wait a few seconds until the solution drains out of your left nostril. Make sure that the neti pot is empty before you remove the spout. You should exhale through your nostrils into a disposable tissue. The procedure should be repeated on your left nostril.


It is already understood that since the neti pot is used to contain and administer a saline solution into your nasal cavity, the device should be well-cleaned before and after you use it. You could use your dishwasher to periodically clean it. Sanitize it well. The neti pot is like a personal hygiene item like your toothbrush or face towel. Never share it with anyone in your house. Everyone should have their own neti pot. To make yourself used to the idea of the neti pot, just use half of the said amount of saline solution at first. Then gradually increase it until you are fully accustomed already. A thin application of petroleum jelly in your nostrils will help protect and sooth your sensitive mucous lining and skin. After regularly using the neti pot, you will definitely notice a significant improvement in smelling, breathing, and tasting. If ever there comes a time when you suddenly become uncomfortable in using the device, it’s better that you stop using the neti pot for a while and tell your doctor or perhaps see another medical practitioner.

The promise of better breathing and total healing of sinus infections are what the neti pot promises you. For those who have been using the neti pot for years, they have already reaped its health benefits. The device is also used to maintain or improve the health your respiratory system or your overall health as well. Letting the sterile saline solution pass through your nasal cavity allows the allergens, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to be flushed out if it. It is believed that using the neti pot greatly improves breathing and gets rid of your need to take OTC or prescription medications.

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