Incorporating A Good 1 Year Old Diet Plan To Achieve Maximum Health

Kids need the best diet they can get.  At this young age, they must have a good supply of healthy and nutritious foods so they’ll grow healthy and active kids in the future.  Incorporating a healthy diet should start at an age when they can take in solid foods like on their sixth month of age onwards.  This is where taking note of different diet plan on specific age like 1 year old diet will be important for parents of fast-growing infants today.

So what does a 1 year old diet should be composed of?  Essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, and a lot more must be included on their diet at this age.  The following are some of the foods to incorporate in a 1 year old diet to get their recommended daily nutrients.


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Breast milk has been baby’s source of nutrient starting from birth.  Once they turned one, it’s now okay for them to get whole milk.  Whole milk and milk formulas are different in terms of its components.  Their stomach can now digest whole milk properly and get the most nutrients from it for proper growth.  This will provide the calcium and calories they need for physical growth.


Fruits and vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables are also among the foods included in 1 year old diet.  They contain vitamins and minerals essential for their growth and regulating bodily processes.  It’s vital for a 1 year old diet to have an abundant supply of these foods to achieve optimum health for 1-year old kids.  A good supply of foods rich in Vitamin C, A, and B6 should be added on the 1 year old diet on its natural form.  Hence, they should not be given as supplements at this young age.


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Bread should also be included on their diet to ensure they’ll get additional nutrients and calories for additional nutrients on their 1 year old diet plan.  However, make sure to not give them sweetened bread or with sugar in it as it will promote tooth decay and possible sugar cravings as they grow.

Aside from the recommended foods, there are also several ones that should not be included in a 1 year old diet.  Examples of these are nuts, raisins, and pop corns.  They can choke a child at this young age plus they’re difficult to digest.  An adult’s stomach already find these foods to be hard to digest so how much more if it will be included in a 1 year old diet plan?

As they grow, they tend to focus on their activities rather than eating.  They may be allowed to eat frequently since they will not eat that much during meal time.

These are only some of the foods to include and avoid in a 1 year old diet.  It’s vital to keep in mind that the main goal is to provide the best amount of recommended nutrients to guarantee proper growth and health.  Following these plans accordingly will surely result to achieving maximum health and growth in all aspect.

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