Keep the Menstrual Cycle the Natural Way

Are you having an abnormal menstrual cycle for a quite sometime now?  What may be the causes of this abnormal menstrual cycle?

Menstruation is the peeling or shedding of the endometrium or the uterine lining which resulted to a woman’s monthly bleeding.  Menstrual cycle conforms directly to the hormonal cycle.    Menstruation takes place when there is no occurrence of pregnancy.  This cycle frequently start at the age of twelve and go on until to reach menopause at about the age of fifty one.  Most of the cycle last from three to five days.  However, menstrual cycle vary for every woman.  The average of menstrual flow take place every 28th day but in some women occurs more than or less than of it.

Menstruation is usually interrupted during pregnancy.  This condition is known as amenorrhea or the nonexistence of menstrual cycle.

A regular menstrual cycle should take place in every woman.  A regular period   happens every twenty days but it varies for every woman. It depends on the body and hormones a woman has.  The cycle of some woman occur every twenty days and for some thirty five days.  It is better to make a chart and record the number of days with every period.  It would be considered a regular cycle if the cycle occur approximately with the similar number of days between each period.

An irregular menstrual cycle is an abnormal bleeding compared to the normal menstrual period.  It is considered an irregular if it is a late period, early period or bleeding between periods.  A lot of women experience an irregular menstrual cycle like nonstop period, missed period or even a two periods in a cycle.

Irregular menstrual cycle is classified into two and these are the following:

  • The first class is the long term irregularity attributed in length from one month to another the occurrence of different unusual symptoms.  Example of this is the too much bleeding, no cycle for a couple of months and a very painful period.  Having a lengthened bleeding or a very painful symptom should consult a medical expert for a proper diagnosis.
  • The second is the short term irregularity which can be considered as infrequent occurrence.  This case is most likely not a reason for a great fear not unless it cause so much pain.

What are the causes of an irregular menstrual cycle?

  • The number one factor that can be a cause of menstrual cycle is stress.  Even though, how busy or hectic your schedule is, you should allow yourself to find time to relax and unwind.
  • The second one is new cycle.  This is commonly occur to young girls wherein their cycle are irregular for months or even for years while at the same time is establishing for itself.
  • Problems in dietary like bulimia, anorexia or even poor diet can affect an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Another one is having a too much physical exercise.
  • Intake of some drugs will also affect the menstrual cycle.
  • Having thoughts and emotions can also affect the menstrual cycle.
  • Infection or physiological imbalance like thyroid conditions can also affect the menstrual cycle.


So, what will be our tool to regulate a menstrual cycle?  The following are the effective ways to have a regular menstrual cycle that can be even done at home.

Natural ways of having a regular menstrual cycle

          1. Carrot juice is one of the effective ways in making menstrual cycle in a regular period.  A glassful of carrot juice everyday for three months can do a big help.



2.  Drinking a grape juice daily is also recommended to have a regular cycle.




3.  A mixture of mint powder with one tablespoon of honey taken two to three times everyday     will also help to treat an irregular menstrual cycle.




4.  A pulverize teaspoon of radish seeds and combine it with buttermilk for a day is also one way in having a regular cycle.




5.  Mostly women who are anemic experience pain for the period of menstruation.  A sesame seeds will do a great help in this case.  Just boil in a glass of water a tablespoon of sesame seeds.  Let it to cool and strain the mixture.  Then drink this mixture two times a day throughout the menstruation.


6.  Keep away from fried foods and caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and colas.




7.  Avoid alcohol all through the menstruation for it can interrupt the normal cycle of the body.




8.  Most important is the intake of foods that are rich in protein and iron.  Be sure to maintain a healthy body for it will make an irregular menstrual cycle to normalize.







These natural ways will absolutely help in obtaining a regular menstrual cycle.  Healthy lifestyle like eating nutritious foods and some breathing exercises can bring a great help in maintaining a normal periods of menstrual cycle.


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