Natural Supplements For Addictions: The Better Way to Recovery

An addiction is a very real dilemma that is faced by people from all walks of life. There are various substances to which you may get addicted—cigarettes, sugar, alcohol, drugs, and even food. Most people with addictions are often misunderstood and judged readily. This is one of the major hurdles that they undergo every single day. Some believe that people with addictions are mentally ill and weak. These are just two of the myths about addiction that should be corrected. When you have an addiction, you are not mentally ill. It is just a matter of getting the right treatment plan so that your addictive personality will eventually disappear. They should be socially and emotionally supported during their struggle ad not shunned. They are not morally weak as well. They are just chemically imbalanced and should be helped with their social baggage. Various changes in them can be set right when their brain is well-nourished.

When addictions are treated, it is only natural to expect changes in behavior. This is a collection of withdrawal symptoms that the patient manifests once the substance is slowly removed from the system. It is very difficult for the patient to undergo this because it could even be more debilitating than their actual addiction. Treatments for addictions involve conventional medications that have adverse effects to worry about. Go to your doctor and discuss these natural supplements for addictions that maybe you could incorporate into your treatment plan:


1. Kudzu

Another one of the effective natural supplements for addictions found in Asia. It is an herb that is nw being grown in various areas worldwide due to its beneficial components—daidzein and daidzin (isoflavone compounds). These compounds prevent the patient from craving alcohol. It also treats the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction and heavy intoxication.




2. Acorus

The acorus is one of the natural supplements for addictions that deal with the withdrawal symptoms. It focuses on those who are suffering from heroin, morphine, and cocaine use. Acorus effectively blocks the secretions of the body’s histamines that make the abdominal wall cramp up during withdrawal. The herb also takes care of the vomiting and nausea in the first ten days of the treatment and recovery.




3. Milk thistle

Milk thistle is also one of the natural supplements for addictions that flushes out the toxins of the body and cleanses the liver as well. It has silymarin as one of the active ingredients that helps protect the liver from damage. This herb helps in the overall health of the patient and hastens the body’s recovery from the addiction.





4. Reishi

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that adds up to the natural supplements for addictions. It is often used in Chinese alternative medicine that fights the effects of alcohol abuse and hastens recovery from it. The mushroom also prevents cirrhosis and can also be used with other supplements to assist in the long-term treatment and recovery plan.



5. Glutamine and chromium

Glutamine and chromium are naturally occurring elements in the body. They are not acquired in the right amounts through everyday diet that is why they are natural supplements for addictions that you should consider. About 200 micrograms of chromium and 500 micrograms of glutamine are requires to battle cravings and to make your blood sugar stable. These natural supplements for addictions, therefore, reduce the cravings and brain fog that you have for drugs, sugar, or alcohol.




6. Taurine and theanine

Taurine and theanine are known as amino acids that calm you down. About 500 to 1000 milligrams of taurine and 200 milligrams of theanine area said to increase GABA especially when you are irritable or anxious. Ask your doctor if you can take them with calming herbal supplements like passion flower, lemon balm, and valerian that could definitely help you sleep better.




7. 5-hydroxytryptophan

5-HTP is one of the natural supplements for addictions known to raise the levels of serotonin. If you take 50 to 100 milligrams of this in the morning and about 100 to 400 milligrams of 5-HTP before you sleep. You will be able to treat your sleep inadequacy and depression. If you are taking SSRI depressants, ask your doctor if it is okay for you to take 5-HTP and only take it with a two-hour  gap from other medications. This is to prevent serotonin syndrome that results from combining serotonin enhancers.




You could also inquire about other natural supplements for addictions such as phenylalanine, tyrosine, fish oils, b-complex vitamins, phosphatidyl serine, phosphatidyl choline, ashwaganda, and ginseng. Always remember that a balanced diet without sugar can really help get you back on the right track. This assures that the cravings will be lessened and your recovery will be hastened.

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