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The eye damage that can be caused by 200 mw green laser

Green lasers are excellent long range pointing device

The 200mv high power green laser pointer is a very high power green laser pointer available in the market. It can generate a maximum output of 200mw with the Wave Length of 532nm. 200mv high power green laser pointer can make the light travelled to a range of 10 to 10000m.it means you can easily make the light focused up to 10000 meter. There is a Continuous wave emitted from the astronomy green laser pointer.

These laser pointers produce an intense green beam that is highly visible under most conditions. In darkness and even low-light, the entire beam can be visible as it cuts through the air, making it an excellent long-range pointing device (as an astronomical aid to point out stars and planets, for example). Intensity is about 35 times brighter than a red 670 nm basic laser pen (or 10 times greater than red at 635nm). Visible effects are greatly enhanced over water, in the fog, rain or snow and humidty, and at night. If one was to look from a distance in the direction of the laser, it would appear as the brightest source of light on the horizon for many miles. Continue reading