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Canthopexy is the name of an eyelid surgery used to strengthen the lateral canthal tendon and surrounding supporting structure known as the lateral retinaculum. The orbicularis muscle is also reinforced in the process.

The goal is to strengthen the tissues of the canthus to help maintain the normal position and relationship between the eyelid and eyeball. Canthopexy is typically used as part of lower eyelid blepharoplasty, especially when done from a transcutaneous approach. Continue reading

Brittle toe nails

Brittle nails may dry out, crumble, split, develop jagged edges, become discolored and otherwise appear abnormal. There are a variety of possible causes of brittle toenails, and they range from the relatively harmless to serious health concerns. Treatment options depend on the underlying cause, so you should seek diagnosis of your condition from a doctor or dermatologist. Continue reading