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Morton’s Neuroma: Main Cause of Nerve Pain In Feet

Any type of pain can be unbearable. When one of your body parts suffers from this, your entire body already has a difficult time performing all the necessary tasks of the day. Nerve pain in feet  if only one of the most common and can be the most debilitating of all, considering that you may not be as mobile. When you have nerve pain in feet, it’s like someone is pricking you with needles. If you fail to manage this type of pain, you may end up being controlled by it. You won’t be able to do the needed chores like getting groceries or getting the morning paper. When the bed cover brushes your feet or when you wear socks, you will have that burning, excruciating pain. There are many people who suffer from nerve pain in feet and are not able to work consistently or get a good night’s rest.

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