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7 Therapy Procedures in the List of Stroke Recovery Exercises

A cerebrovascular accident or CVA is also known as a stroke. It is a condition wherein the steady blood supply to your brain is disrupted. This may happen at a gradual state or all of a sudden. The signs and symptoms of a stroke depend on the region and the size of the brain that is affected. When the left hemisphere is affected by the stroke, you will experience paralyzed right side of the body (hemiplegia), difficulty in swallowing, and speech impairment. When the right hemisphere is affected, you will experience neglect of your left side, implusiveness, difficulty learning, and agnosia. It is definitely a challenge for anyone to have a stroke and recover from it. It is never easy to lose your balance and physical strength and then work hard at getting it all back. Most of the time, patience and effort are really poured out into this. Vigilance must be maintained to make sure that your or your loved one recover as fast as possible.

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