Things You Need to Know About Neck Lipo


Tired of having an extra shake everytime you shake your head? Had enough of the endless array of high-collared clothing that you have to buy each season? Do you just want to wear a bare necked or a low neckline shirt or blouse for a change? Getting rid of that double chin was indeed a very futile endeavor for you. It has been years of dieting and isolated workouts and still, your turkey wattle is still with you.

There are three main causes of double chin—loose skin, excess fat, and weak muscles. If your double chin is caused by excess fat, you very well know that you have to get rid of it fast or you will forever be a fatty face for the rest of your life. Read on and be familiar with some of the concepts related to neck lipo or neck liposuction. This may be the only option that you have left to have a turtle neck-free life:


1. Physiology

It is already common knowledge that when you age, your metabolism gets slower. No matter how much you decrease the amount of food that you eat, you still store fat in various areas of your body such as your midsection, hips, and that area below your chin. You may wonder why even if you spend almost an entire day working out and eating fruits and vegetables, you still end up with that sagging flesh under your chin. You look older and fatter when you have that double chin dangling around. Sometimes, it feels hopeless already, that is why you are thinking of getting a neck lipo.



2. The candidate

Anyone can be a candidate for neck lipo. If you are one of those people who just want to have that sculpted jaw, without any excess fat swinging or jiggling as you talk or move, then you could go under the knife. That problem of yours is just stubborn fat deposits that are just too hard to target and isolate with exercise and diet. Neck lipo is the best alternative to face lift because it could really give you that contour that you want.




3. Liposuction proper

The general procedure of liposuction gives you a more enhanced physical profile by removing the excess fat. Small incisions are made in areas that are concealed. Through these incisions, thin cannula is inserted to suck out all the excess fats under the skin. These days, laser treatment or a fat melting solution is done first, then the suctioning. Another method is just trimming off the fat layer rather than sucking it out. For double chin cases, the incisions are usually done under the chin and behind the ear. The entire procedure is usually done in half an hour. Any excess skin is trimmed off.


4. Recovery

After the neck lipo, a pressure bandage is applied around that area. This is a very important component in the surgery because it helps in giving that defined look that you want. This bandage will be kept on for a while until everything is inspected. It usually takes days but there is always an option of an elastic bandage that allows you to remove it when you bathe and put it on again right after you dry that area. After several days, the incisions will be closed already. You will experience swelling and bruising but these will all pass. Always maintain your head at an elevated position. Apply ice to tighten the skin around the incision area and to lessen the swelling, pain, and bruising. Don’t you worry because with proper diet and healthy lifestyle, the fat under your chin will stay away for good.




It is common in some cases that liposuction is the only procedure performed on the neck and facial areas when alteration is mandated. When a person undergoes neck lipo but the skin that is left doesn’t adjust to the new contours of the face, then a face lift will be performed. It really depends on the person’s anatomy if neck lipo will be the only procedure done because as you know, health is individualized. Make sure that you clear everything with your doctor before you have the procedure. Discuss every possible issue including medication allergies or underlying medical conditions that you may have. There have been isolated cases wherein elective surgeries like this were performed without proper pre-operative consultation wherein the patients die or suffer permanent damage from reactions to some medications that the doctor wasn’t aware of. This should be avoided by an open communication between the patient and the doctor.

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