Top 6 Sensual Massage Guidelines for the Back and Neck Practiced In Wilmington, NC


The sense of touch has long been proven as beneficial.  Touching establishes and strengthens the bond between two people, relieves stress, stimulates growth, facilitates healing, and increases the feeling of well-being. Touching another person does wonders to the overall health status of that person. And this is just simple caressing and rubbing that anybody could do. If touching is performed in a scientific, methodical way with variations in pressure and direction, then it would be classified as a massage. This brings out more of the benefits of touch.

Massage has already taken a huge step in the field of health and beauty. So many types of massages have already been establishes and have rendered so many varieties of health and beauty benefits. There are Thai massages, Swiss massages, soft massages, and hard massages. As the demands of various massage clients increase and continue to deviate from the conventional, many experts have come up with more creative and more enjoyable massages. One of these is the sensual massage. The sensual massage for the back and neck that is performed in Wilmington, NC is one of the pioneer applicators of this new massage innovation.

Read on and take note of the following guidelines that are always observed in performing sensual massage in Wilmington, NC:

1)      Complete materials and equipment

In every type of massage, you should always remember to have the right amount of materials and the proper equipment. When you decide to give a sensual massage, you should remember to have a table, a face cradle, ample space, and oil. The table should be just the right height for you to comfortably perform the sensual massage in the back and neck area. What they also consider in Wilmington, NC is the face cradle. Having a face cradle enables you to perform consistent strokes on the nape. This also makes it comfortable for the client so that he/she won’t have to shift positions anymore. Of course, you also have to consider having enough space in your massage area. This would allow you to perform the strokes freely and more effectively. Lastly, you are going to need oil. It can be plain oil or aromatic oil, depending on the preference of the client.


2)      Sexual way

Even if it is just in the area of the back and neck, giving a sensual massage needs utmost consideration of the sexual mannerisms. It won’t be called sensual massage if it would only be delivered the conventional way. If you want the client to really feel the sensuality or the sexual factor in the massage, make sure that your strokes have a good dose of sex in them. You don’t have to touch the private parts of the client. It is in your delivery of the strokes that give the massage the sensuality it needs.


3)      What the client wants

In administering the sensual massage, the masseuses in Wilmington, NC stress that you should really consider what the client wants during the massage. This only means that the pressure you use should be according to what the client wants. Always make sure that you ask them what degree of pressure they want when you massage their back and neck area. This really makes the client appreciate and dwell into the way you perform the sensual massage. Also make sure that you ask them if they are comfortable or relaxed enough, if they would prefer to have their hair tied up or if there is anything else they would like added to the room to enhance that feeling of sensuality.


4)      Oil

In a sensual massage, oil is very important. This will be the medium that you are going to use in your massage so it is vital that your client likes the kind of oil that you use. You should never use too much oil when you perform sensual massage. This kind of massage in the back and neck area doesn’t need that much oil anyway.



5)      Pressure

Take note that the masseuses in Wilmington, NC use very light or minimal pressure when they perform sensual massage on their clients. This is important to really give that feeling of tender sensuality.




6)      Positioning

The client should be properly positioned during sensual massage of the neck. This is to prevent the neck from being stiff or from having pain after the massage itself. This is why a neck cradle is recommended by the masseuses in Wilmington, NC.



A sensual massage administered in the neck area can definitely do wonders for your health and well-being. So remember these guidelines by those who pioneered this massage in Wilmington, NC.


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