Top 9 All-Natural Remedies for Ear Infections to Consider

When you have an upper respiratory infection, you may wonder why you have an ear infection as well. This is because the nasal cavity is connected to the Eustachian tube. Normally, when you have a cold, this tube closes up to prevent the mucus from entering the auditory canal. When your Eustachian tube fails to close up, the excessive mucus that’s produced in the nasal cavity then pours out into the ear canal. This results to an even more aggravated ear infection. Infections that occur in your ear are caused by low humidity, dental overbite, hyper-active immunity, bottle-feeding, low blood glucose, magnesium deficiency, second hand smoke, cold weather, excess mucus, excess carbohydrates, alkaline-acid balance, and allergies. Some of the signs and symptoms are pain in the ear, ear pressure, loss of appetite, nasal discharge, and elevated body temperature. Children tend to cry when they lay down to sleep. In adults, ear infections manifest by nausea, nasal congestion, fever with chills, earache, and unclear hearing. This may also result to a perforated eardrum. When you have an ear infection, the area behind your eardrum gets inflamed. This completely plugs up the Eustachian tube and the fluids that entered it get trapped, and this worsens everything because of the proliferation of bacteria. There are commercially prepared medications that you could use as prescribed by your doctor but consider the following natural remedies for ear infectionsthat you could try:

1. Onion

One of the natural remedies for ear infectionsthat you could consider is onion juice. Just place 2 or 3 drops of warmed up onion juice in each affected ear.






2. Olive oil

Natural remedies for ear infectionsalso includes dropping 1 or 2 drops of warmed up olive oil in each of the affected ear.






3. Salt or rice

You can also place one cup or warm rice or salt in a large spare sock as one of the natural remedies for ear infections. This can be achieved by warming the salt or rice and the sock through the use of a microwave. After this, just place the warmed sock outside of the ear for at least ten minutes. You could also gargle a salt solution that will help you clear up the Eustachian tube.




4. Warm compress

A warm compress could also be placed on the affected ear for about tem minutes.






5. Positioning

Another one of the natural remedies for ear infectionsis to elevate the lower part of the body when lying down. This would make the ears drain the discharge out.






6. Water

By sipping and swallowing some water, the Eustachian tube may be opened up. This way, the discharge drain out.

7. Food avoidance

It is included in the natural remedies for ear infectionsfor you to avoid dairy and sugar rich foods. Dairy produces more mucous and sugar weakens immunity.





8. Diet

Improving your diet is one of the natural remedies for ear infections. You should take in more vegetables and fruits such as onions, garlic, pineapples, lemon, grapefruit, apples, ginger, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cherries, lemons, cherries, and oranges. You could take them as juices but make sure that they are not too sweet. Doing so will help nourish your body, strengthen your immunity, and get rid of the mucous. You should lessen you meat intake and avoid avocados and coconuts.



9. Breastfeeding

As you know, a mother’s milk is one of the natural remedies for ear infections. It contains colostrum, which is known to contain antibodies that strengthen the baby’s immunity.  The breastfeeding mother should avoid wheat, sugar, dairy, preservatives, corn, and peanut butter when the baby has an ear infection. Breast milk could also be dropped into the affected ears as part of the treatment.  This should help in the healing of the child.




Natural remedies for ear infections need to be in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. This will assure you of a faster recovery. You should make sure that you coordinate with your doctor at all times when you decide to use any of these natural remedies for ear infections. This is to make sure that your progress is well-evaluated. Other recommendations that will help you deal with ear infections naturally are always keep your ear canals dry by placing a cotton or gauze plug in there when you shower. Better yet, just avoid swimming or singing in the rain for while. A fruit diet may be helpful as well if you want to boost up your immunity. This will also help in reducing the mucous production and in helping you fight off the harmful bacteria.

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