Vital Concepts About Neck Lift Surgery


Have you already lost weight? Why is your face still lumpy especially on the underside of your chin? Many people have already given up getting rid of that sagging flesh the natural way. They have worked out half their lives already only to realize that their double chin or turkey wattle is still there.

It is so embarrassing to have your picture taken or tie your hair in a pony tail because your double chin will just remind you of how fat you were before you lost weight. It is like having a permanent sign of obesity or unhealthy living. Oftentimes, they resort to having a neck lift  to be free of the sagging skin or fat that ruled their lives for the longest time. The following are some of the facts that you have to know about a neck lift procedure just in case you are considering to have one:

1. Types of procedures

A neck lift is said to be a combination of various surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck. These procedures are cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, and neck liposuction. Cervicoplasty is the removal of the excess skin. Platysmaplasty is the surgical procedure that improves the muscles. Neck liposuction is a procedure that removes the stored fat under the chin.




2. Preparation

The entire neck lift procedure lasts for about two to three hours. The length of the procedure that you want depends on the additional work that you would like to have. Generally, you have to be in the pink of health for you to be qualified.  Research on the various concepts about neck lift that need to understand. You should sit down with your doctor and discuss what type of procedure is best for you.  An option of an old method of surgery is  offered where incisions are a must but there is also a less invasive one that allows your doctor to operate with minimal incisions and an endoscope. You also have the prerogative to choose either a local anesthesia with just a sedative or a general anesthesia wherein you will be asleep during the entire procedure. Botox could even be suggested and it will just take fifteen minutes to take care of the bulky bands in your platysma. Your doctor will tell you to take pre-operative medications. You have to avoid vitamins and aspirin that will thin your blood. It will make you bleed profusely during surgery. You should stop smoking (if you smoke) two weeks before and after surgery. It is important that you stop during the healing process. Forget about dieting until you have fully recovered. Drop all fasting and diet plans before your surgery. On the day of the surgery, wear comfortable, loose button-down clothes for ease during surgery. At least a week’s rest is mandatory so plan ahead.



3. Recovery

If you are going to have other procedures aside from a neck lift, you should make sure that your home is set up properly for your long recovery. Make sure that you have ice packs, thermometer, clean towels, sterile gauze, loose clothes, antibacterial ointment, petroleum jelly, a phone handy at any time, and a person to assist you at least a full day after surgery. Recovery from the surgery can take ten to fourteen days or at least about three full weeks before you go back to your normal activities. Just don’t rush your recovery. Take your time and you will reap the benefits of your patience.



4. Complications

After the neck lift surgery, it is expected for you to have bruising, swelling, tingling, numbness, pulling, and burning sensations over the surgical site. You don’t have to be alarmed by these. Of course, since it is an invasive surgery infections are at a stand by. Be watchful of your temperature because once it increases, that is the initial sign that infection has already started. You should immediately contact your attending physician or surgeon especially when there is discharge at the incision site. Allergic reaction to the anesthetic that was used on you is a possible but rare case. You can avoid this by telling your doctor everything at your first consultation.



5. Insurance

Sadly, neck lift is not covered by medical insurance. It is considered as cosmetic and elective. If it is a means of correcting an underlying medical condition, you should present proof of this to your insurance company, backed up by a letter from your surgeon, containing all the details of your surgery.





Going under the knife for a neck lift is really life-changing for most people. After the removal of the excess fat, skin, or muscle, try your best to prevent it from coming back by changing into a healthy, active lifestyle. There is no point going through all that pain if you are just going to have turkey wattle again.

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