What Makes the Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut a Wise Choice?


Even in this generation of health conscious people, sweets are still in demand. The human body always craves for sweets, whatever form it may be. The most common sugar fix is chocolate. When placed under a microscope, it is a healthy reward to a stressful day or an ultimate end to a satisfying meal. Regular chocolate lovers of any age really have an advantage when they eat chocolate because of the known health benefits of chocolate per se. But what if you are a health-conscious chocolate lover? If you are, you tend to resort to much healthier forms of chocolate. This is where the Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut steps into the picture.

It is true that there are so many variants of healthy chocolate bars out there that are patronized by consumers, young and old. But healthier versions of these ready-to-eat delights are being made to present a chocolate treat that can be eaten without the guilt. Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut is a bar that was made by Atkins to cater to the needs of the calorie-counting population. It is a very wise alternative to the regular milk chocolate or gourmet chocolate bars that come out in the market these days.

Here are seven reasons why the Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut is a wise choice to satisfy your sweet tooth:

a)      Low in calories

Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut weighs in at 40 grams per bar. That only has a total of 170 calories. For someone who is really on a diet and needs to cut down on the calories in each day but could not eliminate chocolate, this bar is the answer. Some have to be really strict in losing weight by just having a daily intake of only 4oo + calories in a day, while others have to maintain their wait by just sticking to 1,500 calories daily. When they eat an Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut, they will not only have a sugar fix but they will also have a quick and satisfying energy boost that will last until the next meal. It is a healthy life-saver and snack in one.


b)      Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter us a known stable form of fat that has a shelf life of two up to five years and prevents products used with it from being rancid. It has a fragrant aroma, the texture of velvet, and an effective moisturizing property. It is commonly used in beauty products such as lotions and soaps because it of its potent antioxidant properties. So if you tuck into an Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut, then you can be assured that you will have your dose of a very important anti-aging property.


c)       Lecithin (Soy)

Soy lecithin is a non-toxic additive in food items anywhere and Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut is no exception. It is known as a flavor-releaser in any food item you put it. It is a very healthy component of Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut because it increases the amount of HDL or the good cholesterol in your blood. If good cholesterol is present in your blood, you are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. It then lowers the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol. For those that are under niacin treatment, lecithin is recommended to increase the levels of choline.


d)      Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate itself in already known to have very high levels of anti-oxidants. In addition, the dark chocolate component of Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut lowers blood pressure, lowers LCL or bad cholesterol, relieves depression (serotonin), and induces endorphins. Endorphins are stimulated by dark chocolate. This is the pleasure hormone that is produced by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Endorphins relieve pain and make you feel good about yourself. This hormone is often evident in emergencies and in those who are frequent exercisers who really push themselves to the limit.


e)      Whey

Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut also contains whey. This is one of the healthy ingredients in this chocolate bar because it stimulates insulin release in a type 2-diabetic. It therefore reduces undesirable insulin spikes in the blood sugar levels of these patients. This decreases the possibility of having sugar shock that leads to coma. So if you are diabetic, you should include Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut in your diet to allow you to enjoy the sweetness without worrying that you might have a sudden medical emergency.



Advantage Bar Chocolate Coconut is really a wise choice when it comes to sweets. You can never go wrong with this chocolate bar in your pantry.


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