What Methods of Natural Skin Tightening After Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably one of the highest achievements that a person could ever have in his or her lifetime. Being able to lose a significant amount of excessive fat and gain your ideal figure is definitely a very big deal. In doing so, loose skin is bound to result. When there is loose skin, it really makes it even more difficult to go out and flaunt what you have just achieved for yourself. Your old clothes are supposed to fit you already but because of all that loose skin, you’d rather wear your old baggy clothes again.

Loose skin after you have just lost a significant amount of weight is a very common aesthetic problem. Just imagine all that fat that has already melted away. All that expanded and sagging skin is left behind. There are people who immediately resort to surgery when this happens. This allows them to actually remove the excess skin for it to fit well around their bodies. It is like having your tailor alter a shirt. But what if you cannot afford the process and have the time to naturally regain every bit of your figure? Stick to these methods of natural skin tightening after weight loss and you will see results that are non-invasive to your body:


1. Turmeric and cinnamon

An effective way of natural skin tightening after weight loss is to apply an exfoliant that penetrates your skin. One such scrub is a combination of cinnamon and turmeric. This is supposed to be applied on your skin before you treat it with any other preparation. Just combine the cinnamon and turmeric with olive oil and salt. If your skin is dry, then you should use sugar instead of salt. Turmeric helps in lightening the skin tone while cinnamon enhances collagen production. The rougher parts of the scrub do the exfoliation and moisturization. But take note that with prolonged use, turmeric makes the skin yellow.


2. Ginger

Ginger is not only a delicious spice but is also considered as a component of natural skin tightening after weight loss. Combine the fresh ginger paste with anise essential oil and honey. Then, you apply this on your skin and leave it for ten minutes. You could also combine this with rosemary and mountain ash herb for further skin tightening and stimulating effects.




3. Herbal toner

Skin tightens up when you use an herbal toner as a means of natural skin tightening after weight loss. You could use this on your face and body especially the neck, upper arms, and chest areas. The skin in these areas of your body easily respond to the toning solution.





4. Skin nourishment


Healthy skin requires a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. But treat your skin as a separate entity that you have to feed on its own. Making sure that you provide nourishment to your skin is a way of natural skin tightening after weight loss. Moisturizing is the best way to do this after a regular shower or exfoliation. Doing so will reveal a much more radiant skin layer.




5. Bath in saltwater


Taking a saltwater bath is a very ideal way to reveal new skin and rejuvenate the body. Toxins are removed by this type of bath and leaves you feeling refreshed. This is a method of natural skin tightening after weight loss is like having a private spa experience in your own home. It is definitely convenient and very inexpensive. Just prepare the salt bath and scrub yourself with an organic scrubber and all the dead cells with be stripped off.



6. Lifting weights


Weight training is definitely one of the effective methods of natural skin tightening after weight loss. This activity enhances the elasticity of the skin and tones the underlying muscle tissue. Losing weight doesn’t stop in just losing all that weight. It should be just the start of a brand new lifestyle. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you should maintain it. Never stop moving that body. Lifting weights is an activity that  isolates the areas of sagging skin but to have a holistic effect, ask your doctor if you could perform cardiovascular exercise as well.



The given methods of natural skin tightening after weight loss should be clarified with your doctor for efficient supervision and evaluation. Skin tightening after weight loss is much easier to achieve when you  are twenty five years old and below. Older women will have a much more difficult time tightening their skin after they lose weight because of the loss of skin elasticity.

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