What Natural Remedies For Rosacea Have to Offer

A blushing bride may not necessarily mean than it is just a cause of a sudden rush of blood accompanied by a strong emotion. It might be rosacea. Rosacea is a dermatological condition that is categorized as chronic or long-term. Usually, fair-skinned thirty- to sixty-year-old women are affected by this skin problem.

Some of the symptoms of rosacea are facial redness, rhinophyma (red and bulbous nose), blushing tendency, ocular rosacea (gritty or burning feeling in the eyes), telangiectasia (blood vessels on cheeks or nose), and red pustules or bumps on the chin, forehead, cheeks, and nose. This is very unsightly because you could really see the defined redness and bumps against the fair skin background. You could consult your trudted dermatologist about the following natural remedies for rosacea:


1. Green tea cream

Green tea has always been known to have therapeutic effects for various ailments. It is one of the natural remedies for rosacea that is effective in reducing the red pustules after four weeks of application. It is used in the form of a cream about two times a day.





2. Chrysanthellum indicum cream

Chrysanthellum indicum that is in the form of a cream is one of the developed natural remedies for rosacea. It strengthens the capillaries and is said to be very effective when you apply it two times a day for twelve weeks. It targets the redness of the face in rosacea patients.




3. Niacinamide cream

Vitamin B3 or niacinamide is applied on the skin as one of the natural remedies for rosacea. It is effective in lessening the inflammation and improving the moisture content of the skin. This is also topically applied two times a day for about four weeks to improve the quality of the skin.





4. Digestive enzymes

In a person with rosacea, fat is not digested properly. Usually, rosacea patients have indigestion when they eat oily foods. With this, pancreatic enzymes are given to the patient to help them digest the fats in their food. If the fat is not digested well in your body, then this will accumulate in certain areas including your skin. This will provide paradise for the bacterial population present there, which would only worsen the condition.



5. Licorice

Licorice is also applied topically as one of the natural remedies for rosacea. It treats the redness of the face that ranges from mild to moderate levels. After about four to eight weeks, you would surely get positive results.





6. Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid is one of the natural remedies for rosacea derived from barley, wheat, and rye. Because of its antibacterial action it significantly reduces the bacteria that is present on the affected skin. Thus, the skin redness, burning, itching, telengiectasia, dryness, and red pustules are reduced. Take note that applying azelaic acid stings and lightens the  coloration of the affected skin.



7. Apple cider vinegar

ACV or apple cider vinegar is one of the effective natural remedies for rosacea. This stimulates the production and secretion of digestive enzymes to provide the balance of bacterial colonies in your intestines. When there is a balance of bacteria in your system, then the infections present, including rosacea, will be controlled. You can make a tonic out of apple cider vinegar and religiously drink it once everyday. It may be unpleasant to the taste but the benefits will come a long way. It will not only be for your skin alone but also for your overall health condition.



8. Know your food

One of the most practical natural remedies for rosacea is knowing the food that you eat. There are certain foods that cause blushing because they dilate your blood vessels. You could do this  on your own by trial and error. This technique would probably take some time, especially when you are the type of person who doesn’t stick to a diet. You could avoid spicy foods because these definitely dilate your blood vessels. Blood instantly rushes through your veins when you eat hot and spicy food items. Once you have established this, you could improve your symptoms of rosacea and overall health. You should ask for guidance from your doctor or dietician with regard to this.



9. Other available natural treatments

There are other natural remedies for rosacea available in the market like selenium, zinc, aloe, chamomile, betaine hydrochloride, burdock, rose hips, and red clover.






Remember that no matter which of these given natural remedies for rosacea. These are natural remedies that could only be effective when used properly and with supervision. It is important for you to be monitored by your dermatologist to evaluate your progress.

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