What Natural Testosterone Replacement Can Do To Amp Up Your Health

When you hear the word testosterone, you immediately think of men. Unknown to most people, women also produce the testosterone hormone but evidently in much lower amounts. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for aggression and secondary male characteristics. When women have this hormone in higher levels, they usually have hirsutism or excessive facial hair, smaller breasts, and a protruding Adam’s apple. There are actually women who are mistaken for men because they have more testosterone in their bodies. The imbalance of testosterone levels can either be an excessive increase or a excessive decrease in the amount of hormone.

In men, when testosterone levels are low, the patient will experience bouts of depression, hot flashed, lowered libido, loss of body hair, fatigue, low sperm count, weakened erections, difficulty in concentration, higher probability of osteoporosis, thinning of the skin, decreased muscle mass, wrinkling of the skin, and weakened orgasms. In women, much lowered levels of testosterone result in symptoms of post menopause, anemia, generalized body weakness, wasting of muscle mass, and lowered libido (women who went through chemotherapy). Presently, testosterone replacement comes in tablets, 24-hour patches, injections, implants, and gels that are applied once everyday. But even if these are available for you, talk to your doctor about the following methods of natural testosterone replacement:


1. Additional foods and herbs

When it comes to your daily intake of foods, you can conveniently add certain items such as cauliflower, broccoli, beef, cabbage, Brussel’s sprouts, oysters, eggs, garlic, turnips, and radishes. This is a method of natural testosterone replacement that allows you to have varied flavors. You can think of new dishes wherein you could use the given food items as ingredients to improve your testosterone levels. Herbs, particularly Macafem and Tribulus terrestris are commonly taken to increase the amount of testosterone in the system. Macafem is an herbal supplement that originated in Peru. Its main role is to increase the production of testosterone. Tribulus terrestris has components that bind themselves to hormonal receptors to stimulate the pituitary gland, resulting to testosterone production.



2. Essential fatty acids

Taking essential fatty acids is a natural testosterone replacement that involves the good or healthy fats. As you know, testosterone is a steroidal hormone that is fat-based. Its proper production depends on the amount of cholesterol that comes from the essential fatty acids that you ingest. Without the right amounts of fatty acids, you cannot have the right amounts of testosterone production. You should eat good fats in moderation, a low amount of carbohydrates, and a high portion of protein to have a well-maintained testosterone level. You could get your essential fatty acids from food items like avocados, canola oil, peanuts, fish, olive oil, and flaxseed oil.



3. Hormone creams

There is a known natural testosterone replacement that involves bioidentical hormones. These are topical creams that contain testosterone. It is categorized as natural because you just rub in on your skin and it is very identical to the naturally occurring testosterone in your body. It is a topical supplement so to speak. They only have very little side effects as compared to the orally taken steroidal hormones in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). These bioidentical hormones truly balance out your testosterone levels. Some of them are Bold, Test-a-Boost, Testatropinol, Maxabol II, Test-Rx, testosterone cream, and Hard & Natural.



As you know, as one ages, the testosterone levels decrease. With the lowering of the levels of testosterone, your physical and psychosocial aspects change. You could even develop conditions such as diabetes, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular diseases. Testosterone levels decrease by one percent each year after the age of 40 years but significant decrease can definitely occur at any age.

Consult your doctor about the best natural testosterone replacement for you. Every health treatment is individualized and specialized. You have to make sure that you always tell your doctor the level of progress that you have during your use of any natural testosterone replacement that is given to you. Always take note of how your body needs to be holistically better even if the goal is to balance out the amount of testosterone production in your body.

Some say that it is difficult to be a woman because of so many huge changes that happen in their bodies. But take a look at the men when they have this undeniable lowering of testosterone. Somehow, you know that women can handle this because they are used to enduring such physical difficulties. Men could sometimes need more care during sensitive issues such as testosterone deficiency. It is like losing their manhood. Support from loved ones could also be of great help to them so be sensitive enough to help them go through the treatment.

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