What These Natural Sedatives Can Do to Improve Your Zs

Can’t sleep? Has tossing and turning been a regular habit for you already? Has counting sheep been a routine for you? Then you have a sleeping disorder called insomnia. Sleep is very important for your body. It is a means to recuperate from the tensions and strains of everyday. Cells get to regenerate for the next day so you could have another dose of strength from the harsh elements. If you don’t get enough sleep, then your health will truly suffer.

Many people suffer from insomnia. Stress, medications, diet, and lifestyle may all contribute greatly to this. If you have been having difficulty sleeping for the past few days now, you have to do something about it. Your body loves routine. If you have somehow altered that regular schedule of activities, then you will definitely short circuit your system. Consulting your doctor is wise for this condition but do consider these natural sedatives  to remedy your insomnia the safe way:


1. Aromatherapy

The scent of lavender is one of the natural sedatives  that will truly help you sleep. This is said to be more potent on women because of their extra sensitive smell. Just a few drops of your pillow or bath would really help you fall asleep. You could also use ylang-ylang and chamomile.





2. Valerian

Valerian is one of the natural sedatives  that has long been known as a solution to insomnia. It is used today in Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Germany. This is not addictive or narcotic in nature. You are advised to take this about one hour before you sleep. It may take a maximum of three weeks before you see the results. Take note that you shouldn’t use this longer than three months. Some of the side effects that you may experience are dizziness, palpitations, mild indigestion, and headache. Valerian should only be taken alone and not with any other supplements/medications or alcohol. Because of the side effects, you should not take this natural sedative when you know that you are going to have surgery, had surgery, or have liver ailments.



3. Diet modification

Diet is also a major factor as to why you experience insomnia. You should cut out certain foods that stimulate you like caffeine (chocolates, tea, coffee, soda) and sweets especially if you know that it is almost time for you to sleep. You should take more of the natural sedatives  in food form like milk that has tryptophan that gives way to serotonin that is transformed into melatonin. Whole grain snacks also make you sleepy. Foods rich in magnesium are also natural sedatives  that you should eat. These prevent sleeping disorders, cramps, constipation, pain, irritability, and anxiety. You could get your magnesium from cashews, almonds, wheat bran, legumes, dark green vegetables, seeds, whole grains, molasses, and brewer’s yeast.



4. Kava

This is one of the natural sedatives  that is used to treat insomnia that’s related to anxiety. When you get anxious, you tend to stay up all night, worrying. Kava could really help you if you are experiencing this.






5. Relaxation

Techniques in relaxation are natural sedatives  that could really improve your sleeping pattern. If you take time to practice these techniques then you will feel more rested, you will fall asleep much faster, and you will stay asleep longer. You should do these twenty minutes before you sleep. Some of the recommended and commonly practiced relaxation techniques are progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation response, and visualization.



6. Light

Having more light exposure in the morning is one of the effective natural sedatives  you could have. This reprograms your body that when you wake up, there should be light and when you sleep, there is little or no light at all. Just take a walk in the morning or late afternoon to make this happen.




7. Alternative medicine

Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and ayurvedic medicine are also effective natural sedatives  that you can try.






8. Music


Gentle, slow music is another remedy that can help to improve sleep without medication. Music has been found to improve sleep quality, decrease nightly wakenings, lengthen sleep time, and increase satisfaction with sleep.





9. Exercise

Getting enough exercise tells the body that you are awake. This also relieves the muscle tensions and stress that are experienced everyday. When night comes, your body then understands that it should rest already. So exercise is indeed one of the effective natural sedatives  that you can do.





Be sure that you coordinate with your physician before and during the use of the given natural sedatives. This is to maintain your overall health and harness the maximum benefits of each remedy.

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