10 Common Items that Make the List of High Glucose Foods

Sugar or glucose is a form of carbohydrates. It is an immediate source of energy for your body when you need it. But anything that your body takes in excess is definitely not good. When you have ingested excessive amounts of sugar, the unused ones will be stored in your body as fat. One more thing is that your pancreas will be taxed out, making it malfunction. This results to a condition known as diabetes.

When you develop diabetes, your pancreas does not produce enough insulin to enable the sugar in your blood to be used. This results to the elevated amount of sugar in the bloodstream that results to an increase in blood pressure, blindness, kidney problems, and amputations. To correct diabetes or manage it the right way, your blood sugar must always be checked regularly. This will tell you if you have to eat more or eat less in every meal. Regular exercise and having a low fat, low sugar, high fiber diet will definitely help you a lot. Given is a list of high glucose foods that you should learn to avoid:


1.Meal replacement and energy bars

Meal replacement or energy bars are in the list of high glucose foods because of the great energy boost that they give you. They are also fortified with vitamins and minerals that give you an extension of energy that you need to do something. These products are very high in sugar content that causes your blood to have a sudden rise and fall in sugar. Instead of these bars, just pack fruits that are loaded in natural sugars and fiber.



2. Flour (white)

When unprocessed flour is treated, alloxan is used on it to bleach it and make it white. The resulting product is white flour that is included in the list of high glucose foods. When you ingest white flour the alloxan present here destroys the beta cells present in the pancreas. Beta cells are responsible in producing insulin. Type II diabetes is the resulting condition from this.  To avoid acquiring conditions like this, you should avoid products that are made with white flour and just opt for the whole wheat variety.


3. Fries and doughnuts

Included in the list of high glucose foods are fries and doughnuts because these are basically starches that are deep fried. One fry is said to be more detrimental to your health than one stick if cigarette. A single doughnut has 200 to 300 calories already.





4. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are in the list of high glucose foods because one can of these has fifteen teaspoons of sugar, 30-55 milligrams of caffeine, food color, preservatives, and 150 worth of calories. When you drink the “diet” variety, aspartame is added. Consuming this everyday will result to diabetes, brain damage, palpitations, visual impairment, emotional disturbances, ringing in ears, memory loss, and shortness of breath.




5. Fruits

Some fruits that have very high glucose should be avoided. You should just choose those that are fewer in sugars such as strawberries, passion fruits, lemons, cranberries, and grapefruit. Fruit juices should be minimized as well because they have more concentrated sugars that are already extracted from the flesh of the fruits. Just opt for the entire fruit instead.




6. Cereals

Sugary cereals are the easiest sources of energy during breakfast. For every bowl, there is already thirteen grams of sugar. Empty calories are the only ones you get when eat these. They may be attractive with their shapes and colors but essentially, these cereals are only candies





7. White or table sugar

White sugar or table sugar is also found in the list of high glucose foods. This causes your blood glucose to rise and fall very fast. This is a very addictive form of sugar and should really be avoided. Also, eating lesser white sugar will be able to stop more of your cravings.





8. Candy and cookies

Trans fats overwhelm candies and cookies that’s why they are included in the list of high glucose foods. You should really avoid these items and just choose nuts and fruits instead.





9. Ice cream

Ice cream, especially the regular ones, contain about 17 teaspoons of  sugar already. You should just opt for the healthier alternatives such as yogurt.





10. Jell-o

Jell-o is included in the list of high glucose foods. Although it is made of water, it still contains 19 g of sugars.







You should always remember that as you grow older, your body does not function as efficiently as before, that is why you should be careful with what you eat. This list of high glucose foods is only a short guide to the sugary foods that you have to avoid. Consulting your doctor is still ideal if you want to make sure that you are on the right track.

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