10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurologic illness of the brain leading to the permanent loss of neurons and logical capabilities.  It is an illness considered as the most ordinary form of dementia.  Dementia is a brain ailment that badly affects a person’s capability to carry through the everyday activities.  Alzheimer’s is a life-threatening disease for it is not curable.  There are ways that can help to slow down it symptoms but still there is no present treatment for Alzheimer’s. It is mostly diagnosed to those people with more than 65 years of age.  Alzheimer affect every individual in different ways.  But the most frequent sign is the incapability to acquire new memories.  They easily tend to forget the things that happened in just recent times and even the names of the people they know.  This may even get worse in a period of time.

What are the causes of Alzheimer’s disease?  Are there are causes? 

Medical experts are still studying the exact causes of Alzheimer.  One of the studies shown, Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by the increase amount of proteins in the brain.  It is manifest in to two ways, the plaques and the tangles.   The development of these proteins causes the brain cells to die.  The plaques, the deposit of the protein which is the beta-amyloid that builds up in the spaces connecting the nerve cells.  The tangles, the deposit of the protein which is the tau that builds up in the nerve cells.  A theory showed that these proteins block the nerve cells’ capability to correspond among each one, making it complicated for the cells to survive.  Medical studies also shown that majority of the aged people have developed some plaques and tangles.  But compared to people inflicted with Alzheimer, they develop more plaques and tangles than to those who have not affected.  It is still unknown why there are people develop several proteins compared to others.

What are the signs of Alzheimer’s disease that will serve as a warning for us?

There are ten signs of Alzheimer’s disease that will help us to guide or be able to know if one of our family members is inflicted with this disease.

Ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

1.  Memory changes that disturb the everyday life

This is the mainly common sign of the person affected by Alzheimer especially in the beginning stages.  They easily forget the things or the information they learned in just recent times.  They tend to forget significant dates or events.  They are asking for the same information repeatedly.  They depend on their family members for the things that they used to before they are affected by the disease.


2.     Challenges in preparation

A number of people may experience changes in their capability to grow or develop and follow a chart or deal with numbers.  They may find difficult to follow a well-known recipe as well as keeping the records of the monthly bills.   They may find hard time in concentrating and obtain much longer to do the things than before.



3.  Difficulty in finishing the well-known tasks or jobs at home and at work

A person with Alzheimer frequently finds hard time to finish the everyday job.  They may have difficult driving to a familiar place, organizing a financial plan at work or recalling the policies of favorite game.



4.  Uncertain with time and place

People affected with this disease unable to follow dates, seasons and the course of time.  They may find difficult in understanding something that is still not happening.  Sometimes they fail to remember where they are or how they got there.



5.  Problem in understanding visual imagery and spatial relationships

Vision problem is one of a sign of a person with Alzheimer’s.  They may have hard time in reading, identifying color and judging distance.  Sometimes, they may bypass a reflect thinking someone else in the room without realizing that they are the reflection seen in the mirror.



6.  Troubles with words in having communication or writing

People with Alzheimer’s may find difficult in joining a conversation.  They may continue in the center of a conversation and have no thought of how to go on with it or they will just repeat of what they said.  They need to exert great effort with the vocabulary, finding hard time to speak the right words and calling the things mistakenly.



7.  Misplace or unable to find things

People with Alzheimer’s disease may place things in strange places.  They tend to misplace their things that sometimes, they blame others of taking it.  They are already incapable of remembering where they put their things and this may happen more often in over time.




8.  Poor decision-making

A person with Alzheimer usually experience changes in decision-making.  They may have wrong or bad moves in some certain things.  Like for example in dealing with money, they tend to give big amount when buying to the cashier.  They are becoming less aware of their grooming or maintain their cleanliness.



9.      Withdrawal from job or community services or activities

They are starting to withdrawn themselves from their favorite sports, social works and even from their hobbies.  They may find hard time to recall how to finish their desired hobby.  They prefer to be alone because of the changes they are going through.




10.  Changes in their temper and behavior

They may be easily got disappointed at home, at their work or even with their friends.  They may feel miserable, confused, suspicious and even frightened.




A person with Alzheimer’s disease needs an entire care from the whole family.  This can cause a great pressure for each of the family members but no one on the whole world can give a proper care and attention to them but the people around who really loves them.

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