The Four Symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

What is an Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder or ASAD?  What are the symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety disorder?

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder or ASAD is an anxiety disorder of the feeling of continuous and increasing anxiety once they are separated from people, things or places that are familiar or well-known to them.  Even though, this affect only a small number of people every year it is still considered as one of the most alarming anxiety disorder in the whole world for  this can happen to any individual and can become persistent over a long period of time without any relief.  The person affected by this anxiety disorder feels stress because of the elevated anxiety they are going through and eventually, the body and the mind will be begin to shatter.  If this will continue for a period of time, the body will no longer be capable in dealing with the stress of regular anxiety and the person may start doing things that are harmful just to lessen the risk of misery from anxiety.  As time passes, the person affected with this disorder can become a prisoner of their situation.

Is anyone can be affected with Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder? 

Anyone of any age can have an adult separation anxiety disorder.  It’s the severity and the length of time of the separation that tells how a person will be affected.  Old-aged people are the most affected by this anxiety disorder since the condition is frequently connected to disorders that can take place with advanced age.  Younger adults who experience separation anxiety are naturally affected more and are less capable to get well from the stress of anxiety.  There is variety of separation anxiety treatment that are available in treating this disorder that can be use to lessen the chance of the person developing to a full blown adult separation anxiety disorder.

Is Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder the same with Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder is different with the Generalized Anxiety Disorder because ASAD is rarely common than the childhood separation anxiety and frequently manifest itself as an indication of a larger issue.  Adult may undergo with this kind of disorder once experience with a marital separation or even death.  In case of being a parent, they fight with the feeling of separation anxiety when their child become more independent and less spending time with them.

Generalized anxiety disorder is not associated with fear or feeling troubled of being away from a loved one or from a known environment.  It is a continuing feeling of anxiety or fear that may crash relationships, health and welfare and even the workplace.  A person with generalized anxiety disorder commonly feels a sense of the coming of disaster or trouble without any reason.  If the symptoms of anxiety take place in a prolonged period of time, there is a tendency of the panic attacks.  Even though there is no evidence to particularly connect the adult separation anxiety to generalized anxiety, a number of people who develop ASAD may be prone to have other form of anxiety later in their life.

What are the symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

As the separation anxiety of adult begins, there are symptoms occur that should not neglect about.  At an early stage, should seek help from a medical expert for an early treatment.


  1. Feeling of irritability



The person start to feel irritable or ill-tempered once faced in strange situations to cover or disguise the feeling of anxiety they are going through.




2.  Feeling of fear or panic



A person with this disorder will start to feel fear or frighten when sited in unusual places and situations which resulted in increase in heart rate, a dash of adrenaline and a nauseous feeling.  There is a feeling of extreme anxiety when being away from most important attachment figures.  There is a tendency of apparent form of full blown terror or panic attacks.


 3.     Incapable of being alone



The person will be incapable of being apart from a certain people for a longer period of time or venturing out into strange situations alone.  They usually avoid the instance of being alone.



4.  Feeling of something bad will happen


A person with this disorder usually fear of something terrible will come about to their families or loved ones.  They always wanted to know the whereabouts of their loved ones just to be sure that nothing bad or terrible thing happen to them.




All these symptoms may serve as a guide to us if a treatment or medical advice is already needed to apply to a person to prevent for becoming a full blown adult separation anxiety disorder.


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