10 Easy Methods in Natural Overactive Bladder Treatment

The urinary bladder is a very integral part of your body system. It holds urine until it is time for it to eliminate. It is normal for you to have the urge to urinate everytime you take in copious amounts of liquids. You may even notice a frequency in your urination when the weather is cold. The reason behind this is because you don’t perspire when it is cold. So, your body needs to eliminate excess fluids and electrolytes through urination.

When you are diagnosed with an overactive bladder, you may feel as though you have been exiled to stay in your own home. This would mean that you would only have to be out for a short while, refrain from engaging in physically demanding activities, and avoid gatherings. Overactive bladder makes you fearful of humiliation brought about by a urination episode that you cannot control. Some causes of this disorder are Parkinson’s disease, dementia, strokes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and diabetic neuropathy. It is truly very challenging to manage an overactive bladder but with the correct interventions, you will be able to do so. Here are some natural overactive bladder treatment methods that you could try:


1. Exercise

The urinary bladder is made up of muscles that help in regulating the elimination of urine. If your urinary bladder has weak muscles, then you will not be able to control the passage of your urine like in an overactive bladder. Exercise is a natural overactive bladder treatment that you could easily do on your own time.  The Kegel exercise is a very effective way of strengthening your pelvic muscles. This helps you hold your urine for an extended period of time and really prevents urinary incontinence. You  could also try and lose more weight to help reinforce muscle tone.



2. Herbs

Taking herbs is another natural overactive bladder treatment option that you could consider. Asian medicinal practices have specific herbs that may help you in treating your overactive bladder. Some of the commonly used herbs are Schisandra chinensis, valerian, panax ginseng, Asiatic dogwood, and Alpinia oxyphilia. These are all helpful in balancing the functions of your body, especially your urinary bladder.




3. Flotrol

One common natural overactive bladder treatment is taking Flotrol. Flotrol is classified as a concoction that is made up of natural ingredients. This decreases the symptoms of an overactive bladder and strengthens the urinary sphincter that closes up to stop urine flow. Flotrol is a mixture of extracts of pumpkin seeds and soy-germ. These promote the good health of your urinary bladder.




4. Bladder training

Bladder training is a natural overactive bladder treatment that involves the dramatic change of your bathroom use. This training enables you to urinate at scheduled times during the day (scheduled voiding). With bladder training, you get to control your urge to urinate by waiting from a few minutes to an hour. As a result, you are able to have longer gaps in between urinations that allows you to have more time to do other things.




5. Biofeedback

This is a natural overactive bladder treatment that helps you become more aware of your urges in urination and control of your pelvic muscles.





6. Weight training (vaginal)

Vaginal weight training is a natural overactive bladder treatment wherein light weights are clenched or held by the muscles in your vagina through repetitive tightening. The training is usually done twice daily for fifteen minutes in a span of 4-6 weeks.





7. PFES (pelvic floor electrical stimulation)

This is a natural overactive bladder treatment that uses a series of mild electric pulsations that stimulate the contraction of the pelvic muscles. For best results, you could perform this with Kegel exercises.






8. Diet modification

Another natural overactive bladder treatment is to avoid certain foods like caffeine and sugar that have diuretic properties. More intake of fiber could also help.






9. Toilet access

You can have the toilet easily accessible, too. This is a natural overactive bladder treatment that you could accomplish with special devices that have to be installed. You could also use wheelchairs, caned, and walkers to increase your speed in getting to the toilet in time as you learn to lengthen your gaps in between urinations.




10. Dry garments

Having dry garments with you all the time is a natural overactive bladder treatment that could help you be more prepared with your changing episodes of incontinence.






In resorting to a natural overactive bladder treatment, you should make sure that you coordinate with your doctor. Avoid drinking fluids before you go to bed or before you perform other activities. This will lessen the probability of you getting accidents because of urinary incontinence.

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