10 Easy-To-Do Methods in Natural Sinus Polyps Treatment

There are some people who suffer from sinus polyp growth. Sinus or nasal polyps are jelly-like, benign, soft masses on the nasal or sinus lining. It has inflamed mucosa in the nasal cavity. They could grow singly or in groups or clusters. It is usually pink, yellow, or grey with varied sizes. Nasal or sinus polyps block the nasal passages, that makes it very difficult for the patient to breathe. The proliferation of nasal or sinus polyps is the result of the inflammation brought about by the accumulation of fluids in the sinus and nasal areas. If viral or bacterial infection is present, the sinus polyps have a tendency to grow a lot faster.

Some of the causes of sinus polyp growth are infections, allergies, asthma, fungi, and sinusitis. You may have several symptoms like snoring, headaches, difficulty in breathing, runny nose, facial pain, and think nasal discharge. If you see your doctor about your sinus polyps, conventional treatments like nasal sprays, oral medications, and even surgery may be given to you as options. But if you are not so eager to try those, you may be one of those health conscious patients who want to use natural  sinus polyp treatment options. Read on and find out more about them:


1. Steam

Inhaling steam is a natural  sinus polyp treatment that is very common. You could do this for five to ten minutes several times. The heat of the steam dilates the nasal passages, enabling you to breathe more easily.





2. Hot baths

Like the steam inhalations that you take,  having how showers or baths is also an effective natural  sinus polyp treatment. This also helps in the prevention of swelling and the formation of sinus polyps.






3. Vitamin A

Include 25,000 IU of vitamin A in your daily supplementation if you have sinus polyps. But is you are pregnant, do not take this natural  sinus polyp treatment.





4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate) is another natural  sinus polyp treatmentthat you can take with your vitamin A everyday.






5. Breathing deeply

Another natural  sinus polyp treatment is breathing deeply three times daily for ten minutes. This aids in lessening the discomforts of the sinus polyp growths.





6. Water cress-dandelion tonic

Make a tonic of watercress and dandelion leaves and take three tablespoons of that with every meal.






7. Carrot juice

An effective breakthrough natural  sinus polyp treatment is the intake of about five full mugs of carrot juice daily. A common side effect is to have an orange colored skin.





8. Neti-pot

One natural  sinus polyp treatment is the use of the neti pot. This looks like a low tea pot. You fill it with water, perform a head tilt to one side, and pour the water into your nostril (let it drain out of the other nostril). This is usually recommended every morning.  Salt water is an effective solution that makes the accumulated mucous thin enough to be easily expelled.




9. Yoga

Performing yoga exercises is a natural  sinus polyp treatment  that helps in the betterment of your breathing. Just be persistent about it and the stretching would give you the relief that you want.






10. Lotus root

Lotus is a natural  sinus polyp treatment that is used in Chinese medicine to tone up or strengthen the lungs. You could make lotus root tea and just add some ginger (juice or grated) to get rid of the phlegm accumulation and to relieve coughing. Lotus root also come in powdered preparations that you could conveniently buy from natural or organic food shops. It is said that the natural preparation of the lotus root tea tastes better than the powdered one.  You could also use the lotus root as a paste. The Lotus root paste should be applied on the forehead and on the sides of your nose. It is recommended that you sleep with this on your skin. You could do this for three to four nights, up to a week.



Your doctor could easily diagnose you with sinus polyp growth by performing the necessary type of clinical evamination. An anterior rhinoscopy could also be performed with a decongestant applied to really make the disease pop out. An x-ray will also be done on the paranasal sinuses to show how opaque your antrum is. Lifestyle and diet change are also helpful in the effectiveness of the natural  sinus polyp treatment that you prefer. You should stop drinking milk and eating dairy; you  should eat whole meal instead of white bread; you should eat less meat; you should lessen sugar intake; and of course, you should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make sure that you keep in touch with your doctor as you take the natural  sinus polyp treatment that you want.

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