10 Special Items in the List of High Protein Foods for Vegetarians

You know that your body needs protein to repair and build tissue, maintain hormones, and  support the immune system. If it just so happens that you are a body-builder or a very physical person who never runs out of physical activities to do, then you really need sufficient protein sources in your diet.

This task is more difficult if you are a vegetarian. Extensive planning of the menu is really needed if meat is out of the list of choices. Vegetarians are classified into three—lacto-ovo (no animal meat), lacto (no animal meat and eggs), and vegans (no animal meat and meat products, no wearing of leather or wool). If you are any one of these vegetarians, then you must remember to select a wide variety of foods. Unrefined, whole products should be selected over the fatty, refined ones. You should also have a regular source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Take a look at this list of high protein foods for vegetarians that you may want to discuss with your doctor:


1. Dairy

Dairy products are those that are made from milk. You should choose the low fat or the non-fat variety so that you could still regulate your weight. It is also important for you to choose those that do not have preservatives. Just choosing plain non-fat or low fat yogurt and then adding to it your favorite fresh fruits could make a difference already.




2. Legumes

In the list of high protein foods for vegetarians, you can never miss legumes. These are also called dried beans. They grow in pods and are known as edible seeds. There are over 13,000 different kinds of legumes that you can choose from. Among the thousands, only about forty are commonly eaten. They are also very inexpensive that is why you could find legumes in almost any kind of diet program all over the world. It has also long been in traditional dishes. Some of them are lentils, chickpeas, split peas, flagelot, kidney beans, and haricot, among others. You could just replace the meat ingredients in your dishes with beans.


3. Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are also included in the list of high protein foods for vegetarians. These have also been common sources of food all over the world. They could be bought in or out of their shells, raw, whole, chopped, sliced, and roasted. Some common choices are almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and cashews.





4. Soybean

Soybeans are known to be very versatile when used as an ingredient. This is included in the list of high protein foods for vegetarians because it is the plant source that is highest in protein. It could dramatically lower your bad cholesterol. Soy is also very high in fiber, iron, and folic acid.





5. Grains

Whole grains are in the list of high protein foods for vegetarians, too. You should make sure that you choose buckwheat, wheat and rye, whole grain flour and cereals, whole grain pasta and whole grain breads.





6. Algae

Spirulina, an example of blue-green algae that belongs to the list of high protein foods for vegetarians. It is very rich in protein and also has vitamin B12, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids.





7. Seitan

Seitan is made from whole wheat flour. This is a very good meat substitute abd a very rich source of protein. It is flavored by letting it soak in soy sauce. It is made of gluten so those who are gluten-sensitive should avoid this. However, you could add seitan to any kind of dish that you like.





8. Eggs

Eggs make it in the list of high protein foods for vegetarians because they are indeed very rich in proteins. You could make all sorts of omelets and frittatas that definitely make you fuller before the next meal. You could be creative in cooking your eggs by adding spices and vegetables.





9. Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are also rich in protein. There are also vegetable protein products that are substitutes for meat, particularly beef. These could help you lower your blood pressure and provide you with heart-stabilizing potassium as well.





10. Fruits

Whether canned or fresh, fruits are included in the list of high protein foods for vegetarians because they provide protein (in the form of amino acids), energy, and fiber. Fresh fruits are the most ideal ones to consume but if fruits are not that accessible to your, then you could just opt for the canned or frozen ones.





Let your doctor know if you want to deviate from your usual diet to a vegetarian diet so that you may be properly guided with the list of high protein foods for vegetarians. Careful meal planning is needed by vegetarians when it comes to getting the right amounts of protein that they need.

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