7 Effective Medications in the List of Opiates

Opiates are medications that are obtained from opium. It has long been known as an analgesic that minimizes the blow of pain.  These may be habit forming so you have to as the guidance of your doctor before you start using opiates. This powerful pain reliever is still used in modern day healthcare centers especially when the pain in too great to bear. Morphine, hydrocodone, hydromophone, and oxycodone.

It is no laughing matter. Opiates have definitely addictive effects. If you are supposed to stop taking opiates already, you will be having withdrawal symptoms is only expected when you stop taking them. Aside from the health benefits, opiates also induce constipation, depression, sedation, miosis, and a euphoric sensation as well. The calmness that opiates bring users caused so many people to develop an addiction and a dependence for the substance.

The pleasant experiences that you get from opiates have very negative counterparts when you decide to stop using them. You will experience cold sweats, muscle cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. For those people who have long term, recurring anxiety and depression, it is really difficult to remove dependency from opiates. Some of the very addictive opiates used today are Dilaudid, Oxyconti,Percocet,and Vicodon

Here are some of the medications in the list of opiates that your doctor may prescribe to you according to the amount of pain that you experience:


1. Morphine

Morphine remains to be the standard for opiates intended for severe pain. This belongs to the list of opiates that are very potent. Morphine s also habit forming or addictive. It is easily accepted by your body and it only takes effect more when your doctor increases the dosage. Eventually, there is emotional and physical dependence that is formed when you use morphine.



2. Methadone

Another opiate from the list of opiates that targets severe pain. It is synthetically produced to target severe pain. It functions the same way as morphine but doesn’t have the very addictive side effects that morphine has. Methadone also gets to treat any narcotic addiction that you may have developed.



3. Fentanyl

Fentanyl is again one of those opiates that is synthetically produced that targets severe pain as well. Its said to be a hudred times more powerful in relieving pain than Morphine and is usually for severe and chronic relief of pain.

4. Hydrocodone

This opiate is included in the list of opiates that is much prescribed. It is an opiate that is half synthetic, half man-made. It has very similar effects with morphine but is like codeine in structure.


5. Oxycodone

Another  semi-man-made opiate in the list of opiates is Oxycodone. It is said to be obtained from thebaine (part of opium). Oxycodone has similar effects as morphine, especially when it comes to its dependence and side effects.





6. Codeine

Codeine is included in the list of opiates that is naturally occurring but most of the ones used for pharmaceutical reasons are manufactured synthetically. It is orally administered but its active effects are not lost at all even if it passes through the liver or GIT.





7. Dextropropoxyphene

Dextropropoxyphene or propoxyphene is somehow like methadone. It relieves mild to moderate pain. It is also prescribedas propoxyphen napsylate. The salt part  (napsylate) makes the medication very easy to abuse orally. Because it cannot be injected nor cannot be broken down by water





This given list of opiates may be artificially or naturally produced from the plant itself, They are given to the patient so that they may attach themselves to the opiate receptors in the PNS and bring about euphoria. The euphoria or happiness that results from taking the opiates blocks the pain that is being experienced by the patient. This enables the patient to get enough rest and to forget about the great pain that he or she is experiencing at that moment.

If you are in pain and it is not relieved by ordinary pain killers anymore, acquire your opiate from your doctor. You should be monitored very well upon using the opiate that is prescribed to you. You should not wait until you are already addicted to the substance before you stop using it because surely, you will experience the detrimental withdrawal signs and symptoms. The aim in using these opiates is to help you manage your pain. Any one of the list of opiates should be used in full responsibility for you to really get the benefits that you are meant to get from these opiates. Stay in touch wit your doctor so that you may be properly guided.

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