12 All-Natural Stomach Flu Cures to Try

Having a stomach illness such as stomach flu is a very embarrassing and a somehow debilitating condition. When you have the stomach flu, sometimes you may never know that you have it but there are some cases that it really lets you know that it’s there.

When you have the stomach flu, you experience a somewhat hyperacidic stomach, nausea, passing of gas, and pains. It may be accompanied by diarrhea or constipation before it really becomes full blown. Usually, various OTC or over-the-counter medications are the immediate sources of temporary relief. But that is just the case—it is just relief that they provide and not the cure. The cause of the stomach flu is not targeted for the stomach flu to go away. Take a look at some of these natural stomach flu cures that could really make a difference in your life:


1. Lemon

Because of its corrosive effect, lemon is one of the natural stomach flu cures that is sparingly used. It could really kill the pathogen that cause diarrhea. In a large glass of water or in your herbal tea, add one teaspoon of lemon. About 1-2 tablespoons of this tonic could be taken before meals. Lemon fights bacteria with the help of the volatile oils present in it.





2. Chamomile

One of the natural stomach flu cures that people have been using for years. This herb is known to have carminative (aids in bloating and gas accumulation), sedative, nervine (muscle relaxant), and antibacterial properties. But if you know that you are allergic to this herb and to ragweed, it would be much better not to use this at all.





3. Salt

Salt is one of the natural stomach flu cures  because it had sodium. As you know, sodium is one of the essential electrolytes in your body. This holds in water in your body, and prevents you from being dehydrated. You could just keep on eating soups and broths, or just add one pinch of salt into your tea or juice.





4. Mint

Mint is one of the natural stomach flu cures that is very common. It comes in so many varieties like catnip, spearmint, wintergreen, lemon balm, and peppermint that yo could easily grow in your garden. Mint has long been known to be an antibacterial, an antispasmodic, a sedative, a muscle relaxant, carminative, a digestive aid, and an anti-fungal as well. You could take this herb as tea.



5. Applesauce

If raw apples tend to cause diarrhea, then applesauce should be doing the same right? But no. Instead, applesauce is one of the natural stomach flu cures because of the richer amount of pectin (water soluble fiber, forms stool, holds water, and therefore stops diarrhea.





6. Banana

Bananas are natural stomach flu cures  because they replace the lost magnesium and potassium that are lost when you have diarrhea. If you eat bananas, your electrolyte balance is returned and arrhythmia is prevented as well.





7. Rice

One of the common natural stomach flu cures is rice water. You get this from rice that is boiled until nearly soft. The rice water is cooled and is sipped every hour. You could add cinnamon or honey to improve the flavor of the rice water that you have strained off. For nausea and hyperacidity, you could add mint or powdered sugar instead of cinnamon.




8. Crackers and toast

Crackers and dry toast are natural stomach flu cures because they help settle your stomach when you are hungry. It prepares your stomach for the foods that cure your stomach flu.





9. Garlic

One of the natural stomach flu cures is garlic because of its established antibacterial properties. But it is a very strong remedy so if you cannot tolerate its strength, you may end up vomiting. If you take it freshly chopped, coated with honey, it could instantly soothe you and relieve you of cramping.




10. Blueberries

Blueberries are natural stomach flu cures because of the antibiotics, antioxidants, and fiber that they contain. It is said to inhibit bacterial growth and retain water.






11. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the natural stomach flu cures that have antibacterial property against stomach flu. Just place one fourth of a tablespoon of this herb to soup or rice.





12. Yogurt

You could use yogurt to balance out the natural microorganisms in the body. Just add this delicious cure to smoothies and you’re on your way to recovery.





Consult your doctor if you plan to use any of the given natural stomach flu cures. It is much better if you are under supervision and constant directions to assure your immediate recovery.

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