12 Recommended Natural Iron Supplements for Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition wherein the blood lacks iron that makes the circulation of oxygen more efficient. There are many causes of anemia such as excessive loss of blood (menorrhagia or accidents), underlying medical conditions, or other deficiencies. When you are diagnosed with anemia, you have a higher risk of acquiring diseases because of your body’s weakness. Some symptoms of anemia are headaches, fainting, shortness of breath, generalized body weakness, and paleness. You should immediately consult your doctor if you experience these.

Your physician may prescribe conventional iron supplements that could really help you get back the normal hemoglobin in your blood. But if you do not want to take those medications, you may ask your doctor about the available natural iron supplements for anemia. Herbs are good sources of iron because the excess iron in them are just excreted by your body and the iron that they provide is usually more effective when combined with other herbs with vitamin C, B12, and folate. Take a look at these natural iron supplements for anemia and ask your doctor which are the best for you to use:


1. Navayasa lauha

In ayurvedic medicine, natural iron supplements for anemia include navayasa lauha which helps you regain the normal amount of iron in your blood as well as help you with your indigestion, jaundice, and loss of appetite





2. Yellow dock root

Yellow dock root is another item in the group of natural iron supplements for anemia. This works in just a matter of weeks. You could take this in the form of capsules  or tincture. Be careful in using this herb because in high doses, diarrhea occurs.




3. Tanyadi lauha

Tanyadi lauha is one of the natural iron supplements for anemia that is said to contain three varied forms of iron. You take it when you have anemia after your heavy menstruation; when you have anemia after your edema; when you have anemia after a bout of malaria; and when you have anemia after spleen or liver disorders.





4. Stinging nettle

This is a natural iron supplement that resembles spinach. You should cook stinging nettle (nettle leaf) first before you use it as an iron supplement. Its leaves sting and irritate the skin. You should first add anise seeds, oat straw herb, and raspberry before you use it. These other herbs punctuate the effects of stinging nettle.




5. Triphaladi lauha

Another one of the natural iron supplements for anemia is triphaladi lauha. This has a softer formulation in ayurvedic medicine that contains Trifla (triple myrobalans—Beleric, Chebulic, and Emblic myrobalans). It also deals with the constipation side effect when you take iron supplements.





6. Dhatri lauha

This is one of the mildest natural iron supplements for anemia in ayurvedic medicine. Dhatri lauha is commonly used in anemia that is related to peptic or gastric ulcer. It is given to those who  cannot take iron supplements because they have disturbances in their digestive system.





7. Punaranavadi Mandura

Punaranavadi Mandura is the only one of the natural iron supplements for anemia that has the iron form Mandura that also contains other helpful herbs to boost the effect. It is used for anemia that is acquired from edema, hepatitis, and inflammatory disorders.





8. Burdock and dandelion root

When you combine these two herbs, you end up with a very potent treatment for anemia. It acts as one of the natural iron supplements for anemia because it helps you absorb more iron from the food that you eat or other herbs that you take.




9. Emlic myrobalan or Amla

Amla is one of the helpful natural iron supplements for anemia because it has adaptogen and vitamin C, and is said to be an antioxidant and a tonic as well. Amla murabba is one of the types of amla that is good for pregnant women and also for children. This is a preparation of fresh amla fruits that are well-preserved in syrup. It is said that this should be taken everyday.




10. Alfalfa

This is a very potent anemia herb because of the rejuvenating or tonic effect that it has.






11. Liquid chlorophyll

Liquid chlorophyll is used in the west as an iron supplement. It raised hemoglobin levels in your blood, resulting in the better oxygenation of your body tissues. Pregnant women can use this herb in place of the usual iron pills of tablet that they take.





12. Other herbs

Other natural iron supplements for anemia are spirulina, codonopsis, ginseng, fenugreek, vitis vinifera, jujube date, and ginger. These herbs help the other herbs for anemia.






Always consult with your doctor before you use the given natural iron supplements for anemia. Even if they are natural alternatives, your holistic health is the utmost priority. Be open about what you think so that you end up with the perfect natural supplement.

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