5 Classified Facts About Lescol XL

Cholesterol per se is not bad for your body at all. In fact, it is needed by your body to form cell membranes and to form vital organs such as the brain and the heart. But there are times when the bad cholesterol overwhelms the good cholesterol (HDL – high density lipoprotein). This should definitely be corrected because this condition will lead to cardiovascular problems.

High cholesterol is one of the main heart disease precursor problems being faced by so many people from all walks of life. Even young professionals suffer from excessive cholesterol because of the lifestyle that they lead. The elevated cholesterol levels here are the LDL (low density lipoproteins) and triglycerides. These are the bad types that should always be avoided in your everyday diet. If you succeed in eradicating these, then you can be assured of a healthier and longer life.

If you are diagnosed as someone with an elevated bad cholesterol level, then you should work well with your doctor to make sure that it is corrected properly. One way to accomplish this is through medical treatment. One of the commonly prescribed cholesterol medication is Lescol XL. Its generic name is fluvastatin and is usually taken with a balanced, cholesterol-friendly diet. Lescol XL belongs to statins that helps in the decrease of bad cholesterol and the increase of the good cholesterol. Here are some additional information about Lescol XL:


1. Usage

When you are prescribed with Lescol XL, you should make sure that you read the literature or the enclosed patient information in the packaging. This will give you more insight on Lescol XL. Always follow the prescription given by your doctor. You could take Lescol XL with or without intake of food, once everyday. Never chew or crush the tablet. There is a reason why it was manufactured as a tablet. It is to gradually release the active component of the medication, so that the risk of side effects will be prevented.  Splitting the tablet should only be done when your doctor tells you to, and this should be along the indention made on the tablet itself. Just swallow the tablet so that it reaches your stomach before it dissolves. It usually takes four weeks before Lescol XL benefits you fully but you should remember the healthy diet and exercise that you should incorporate.



2. Dosage

Proper dosage of Lescol XL is given according to your diagnosed condition. The reaction to this medical treatment depends on you’re the other medications you take, your age, and the other underlying conditions that you may have. Always tell your doctor of the other supplementations or medications that you may be taking before you take Lescol XL.  If ever you are taking colestipol or cholestryramine, you should take Lescol XL first at least four hours before because these prevent Lescol XL from being fully absorbed.



3. Side effects

Lescol XL also has side effects that you should be aware of.  Some of them are stomach upset, muscle pain, muscle weakness, liver problems (rare), jaundice, dark-colored urine, vomiting, and nausea. You should also be aware of any allergic reactions especially the more serious signs and symptoms such as swelling, itching, rashes, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness. If any of these occur, you should immediately tell your doctor.



4. Precautions

To avoid any last minute worries, you should see to it that you inform your doctor of any allergy issues that you may have. Also be accurate with the history of diseases that your family has. As much as possible, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while taking Lescol XL. This way, you could decrease the risk of liver disorders. Do not use Lescol XL when you are pregnant. You should double the form of contraception that you use while taking this drug. But if ever you become pregnant while taking Lescol XL, you should immediately inform your physician. This medication also passes through breast milk.



5. Interactions

Lescol XL is known t interact with phenytoin. You should make sure that you consult your doctor for the other medications that you take to prevent possible detrimental side effects or reactions.






Using Lescol XL to lower your bad cholesterol level is just one of the means that your doctor may provide. You should still have a healthy, low-cholesterol diet and an ideal lifestyle to make sure that your cholesterol levels stabilize. Losing enough weight could also lower your bad cholesterol levels as well. Always work with your doctor in any changes that you may decide to make with your diet or supplementation.

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