5 Details About Leptin Resistance That You Have to Remember

Leptin resistance is said to be the failure of the produced leptin hormone to burn fat in your body. This is said to be the case with obese people. Leptin is responsible for burning fat. If your leptin hormone is not functioning well, then you will most probably accumulate so much fat and not be able to burn it at all, no matter how strenuous or strict your exercise program is. When there is leptin resistance, weight loss is utterly impossible for these people.

It may seem hopeless for the obese to be helped and achieve homeostasis in their bodies but this crisis can still be helped. Here are some facts that you should consider if you think that you may be suffering from leptin resistance:


1. Adinopectin drops

Adinopectin is the latest hormone produced by fat. With this, the muscles are aided to get the sugar from the blood to use as energy. When there is leptin resistance, adinopectin levels in your body drop. This makes fat burning stop. When this happens, then no matter how much you perform diet or exercise, you can never lose the fat that has already accumulated in your body.




2. Joint inflammation

Adepokines and leptin are known as to of the mediators of inflammation. In other words, these two hormones make inflammation possible. When your body accumulates or stores more fat, more of these hormones are produced. If you become overweight or obese, you develop osteoarthritis. This is because your joints are slowly getting deteriorated by the intense weight. The synovial fluid in your joints tends to have a high leptin content, which leads to more inflammation. Leptin resistance is also related to inflammation. Once inflammation occurs,  leptin is blocked. This makes you eat more but makes your metabolism very sluggish. This condition makes your body increasingly chaotic and internally imbalanced. There are no medications that could help you correct this condition. Your main goal is to regain your ideal weight so that you may reduce the joint inflammations that you experience. This will lead to the lowering of cortisol levels and prevent the leptin from getting blocked again.



3. Insulin with cortisol

In a person who developed diabetes, your pancreas does not produce insulin to release the glucose from the bloodstream. In obese people, inflammation of the joints occurs because of the excessive weight to be carried around. This causes insulin resistance. This means that the muscles or other parts of your body cannot get the glucose from the blood anymore. As a result, there is excess sugar in the blood already, which gets stored as fat. The inflammation and the stress brought about by this, also causes the production of cortisol. Cortisol encourages fat formation in your body.


4. Phytonutrients

These are the nutrients that come from plants. All the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you need can be obtained from plants. Carotenoids and flavonoids are two of the very important ones that have anti-inflammatory effects. Carotenoids are known to be lipid-soluble that have very light to deep orange coloration. These are often found in cantaloupes, broccoli, carrots, winter squash, papaya, spinach, and tomatoes. On the other hand, flavonoids have strong yellow to very deep purple coloration. These are commonly found in cherries, pomegranate, blueberries, citrus, purple-colored grapes, dark chocolate, onions, green tea, spices, and herbs. If you include these phytonutrient sources in your everyday diet, then you will be able to correct your leptin resistance.



5. Omega 3

If you want to get rid of fats from your system, you don’t really have to get rid of every single types of fat in your diet. You should forget about the saturated fats (unhealthy fats) and always consider the unsaturated fats (healthy fats). Good fats should be increased in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in seeds, beans, nuts, fish, and green leafy vegetables. This healthy fat reduces prostaglandins, which mediate inflammation. If you take a good amount of Omega3 fatty acids everyday, then you have the means to treat or prevent diabetes, colitis, arthritis, schizophrenia, depression, dementia, asthma, arrhythmias, myocardial infarctions, and hypertension. If you establish a good relationship with unsaturated fatty acids or the good fats, then you can be sure to have leptin resistance at bay.




Leptin resistance is a condition that needs to be dealt with, one brick at a time. It has so many underlying hormonal disorders that have to be carefully looked at and strategically targeted and corrected before you could be non-resistant to leptin. This needs you to always coordinate with your doctor, to make sure that your ultimate goal to burn fat and maintain your ideal body weight will be achieved.

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