The 5 Natural Ways to Cure Urinary Tract Infection

What is a Urinary Tract Infection or commonly known as UTI?  Are we prone of having UTI?  Are you suffering from urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection or UTI is an illness that starts in the urinary system.  It is an infection or illness that usually only limited to the bladder but if the infection is not treated on time; it can extend up to the kidneys, resulting to a more complicated one.  Urinary tract infection is the second mainly widespread infection to the respiratory infection and women are the mostly infected by it because of the shorter urethra and nearer to the anus than men.  Women are also prone to have this infection after having a sexual activity or after using with diaphragm for birth control.

What are the causes of urinary tract infection?

Generally, urine is germ-free.  It is typically free of virus, fungi and bacteria however, it do have salts, fluid and waster products.  A disease started once a microorganisms like bacteria from the digestive tract stick to the hole of urethra and start to develop.  A urethra is a tube that holds the urine from the bladder to outer the body.  The kind of bacteria, Escherichia coli is the usual bacteria that cause the urinary tract infection which generally grows in the colon.

The following may also increase the risk of having urinary tract infection or UTI

  • The old-aged people who usually stay in nursing homes
  • People with diabetes because of the changes in their immune system
  • Having troubles in emptying the bladder fully or having urinary retention
  • Patients who are using urinary catheter
  • Having a bowel incontinence
  • Men with enlarged prostate
  • A person with kidney stones
  • Staying immobile for a long period of time
  • Pregnant women
  • Having a surgical operation or other process in relation with urinary tract

What are the symptoms of urinary tract infection?

Symptoms of urinary tract infection are not usually experience by most people.  However, some symptoms may occur to other people and these are the following:

  • Recurrent  urge to urinate and a hurting or burning feeling in the part of the bladder or urethra throughout the urination
  • Feeling of painful pressure on top of the pubic bone and for some men a fullness in the rectum occur
  • Only a small quantity of urine is passed
  • The urine appear cloudy or milky, or sometimes reddish if there is the present of blood
  • There is a fever if the infection has reached the kidney
  • Some experience the nausea and vomiting
  • There is a pain in the back or side beneath the ribs
  • There is a severe abdominal pain occasionally
  • In case of children, sometimes the symptoms of UTI may seem unnoticed.  If a child experience irritability and not eating normally with an inexplicable fever and loose bowels, UTI should be considered.

What will be the natural treatment of urinary tract infection?

There are natural treatment that can cure urinary tract infection and these are the following.


1.     Intake of a cranberry juice


A cranberry contains proanthocyanin preventing the bacteria to stick to the walls of urinary tract letting the urine to wash away any bacteria.  The cranberry juice has already been using as a natural remedy to prevent and cure urinary tract infection and proven effective.  The juice should be unsweetened when intake.  If you can not drink it directly add some apple juice to taste.



2.     Drinking water or fluids

It is very essential to drink a lot of water for the purpose of cleansing our body by washing away untoward substances.  An intake fruit and vegetable juices can also bring best result in treating urinary tract infection for it has vitamins and minerals against the infection.




3.     Using aromatherapy

Make an essential oil by having equal parts of bergamot, sandalwood, frankincense, tea tree and juniper.  Mix them altogether to make oil and rubbed it over the bladder area.  Maintain this massaging technique for three to four days until the symptoms subside.  Applying this aromatherapy treatment may help to lessen the severity of the symptoms.


4.     Increase the intake of Vitamin C


Taking vitamin C inhibit the growth of bacteria due to its acidity formed in the bladder and urinary tract.  Having a healthy diet is very important in fighting against this infection.  Fruits, vegetables and milk may do a great help in maintaining the urine in its alkalinity state preventing to have a urinary tract infection.



5.     Stay away from irritant foods


Avoid processed food like cheese and chocolates.  Stay away also from spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks and cigarettes that may bring harmful effects.



Always remember that a healthy diet will be the best defense of our body against any infection or disease.


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