5 Common Items That Made the List of Carbohydrate Foods to Avoid

Your body is in constant need of a consistent energy source. Carbohydrates provide this steady flow of energy.  They are the macronutrients that are converted immediately into glucose that is immediately delivered to the different areas of your body. Proteins and fats could also be used for energy but it would compromise their main functions. But as they say, anything in excess is bad. Carbohydrates, if taken excessively, cause irregularities in your blood sugar. This would then make you too tired one time and irritated on the next. You really have to balance out your diet so you could have equal amounts of fat, fiber, and protein.

Carbohydrates can either be complex or simple. Complex carbohydrates are those you get from barley, wheat, oats, wholemeal, lentils, bananas, root crops, brown rice, and yams. Simple carbohydrates are those that are called sugars or refined sugars that are found in sodas, pizzas, honey, chocolate, cake, pastries, brown sugar, and snack bars. When carbohydrates are released at a slow rate, your system is more stable and could last a long while before eating again. Complex carbohydrates are broken down slower than simple ones. When carbohydrates are released at a fast rate, there will be peaks and drops in your blood sugar and energy levels. This is not a good thing. It is said that women should take in only 203 grams or 47.7% of carbohydrates and men should take in only 275 grams or 48.5%.

Foods that are rich in starch such as wholegrain ones are very rich in fiber. These make you feel less hungry because they fill you up right away and they break down slowly. Eating too much carbohydrates everyday would definitely make you weigh more. But they actually have the least amount of calories when compared with the amount of calories that fats, proteins, and alcohol contain.  The question is what are those carbohydrate-rich foods that you should remove from your diet? Here is a list of carbohydrate foods to avoid if you want to consider healthier eating:


1. Flour-based food items

It is always said that tortillas and pastas have high carbohydrate content that is why they made it to the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid. If you have the ordinary tortillas and pastas or those that were made from traditional ingredients such as flour and corn, you would probably get more of the simple sugars. But if you look for the whole wheat or whole meal ones, then you could be sure that you will get the complex carbohydrates that you need.




2. Potatoes

Potatoes should be avoided if you want to have a low carbohydrate diet. It is in the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid because of its very high carbohydrate content. Baked or fried, potatoes still have a significant amount of sugars. A large baked potato has 55 grams of carbohydrates already. If you really crave for potatoes, then try to have half of a large baked potato and just spice it up. Avoid fried potatoes. French fries in fast food restaurants already amount to about 70 grams of carbohydrates.




3. Bread

Another item in the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid is bread. As you know, it is a very rich source of carbohydrates. Most of the favorite ready-to-eat comfort foods like burgers, bagels, pizza, and the usual sandwiches need bread to be what they are. You could always opt for organic or wheat versions if you can’t get rid of the bread in your life.





4. Sugar

Highly sugared up foods are definitely in the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid. Naturally sweet fruits such as berries, mangoes, grapes, and strawberries are higher in carbohydrates but are still generally good for you. Just be aware of the very sweet ones if you’re a diabetic. Sweets like candies, pastries, and sodas are highly packed with simple sugars that make your sugar levels fluctuate significantly. Better stick to natural sugars for your sugar fixes.




5. Low-fat/Non-fat yogurts and milks

When you see the “low-fat” and “non-fat” in yogurts and milk products, you are often mislead that these are actually low in everything, including carbohydrates. These products make the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid because the more low- or non-fat they are, the higher the carbohydrates they have.





Carbohydrates can be your friend, if they are taken in moderation. Balance is everything when it comes to eating healthy and living healthy. Make sure that you consult your doctor or dietician with regard to the list of carbohydrate foods to avoid so that you may be properly guided when it comes to lessening the carbohydrates in your life.

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