6 Important Pointers in Choosing the Right Liquid Fish Oil Supplement

Liquid fish oil is one of the most valuable natural supplements available today. It is a vital and immediate source of Omega 3 fatty acids. This is basically why it should be manufactured properly. To extract the valuable liquid fish oil, the raw fish gets to the processing area. Here, it is cut into small pieces and then cooked through steaming. It is then pressed so as to remove the liquid from the solid parts. The solid that is already rid of the fats is used as fish meal for animal feeds. The water and oil are then separated from each other. Water is added to the solid fish meal. The oil part is purified and then placed in sterile containers.

Anchovies, tuna, sardines, and salmon are the species of fish that are very rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. To make sure that the production of liquid fish oil is up to the standards of sanitation and health, the manufacturing plant should have a laboratory to analyze the samples first before actually reaching the production line. There should even be another laboratory to re-check the produced liquid fish oil to make sure that the manufacturing company is really reliable. Here are the important pointers that you should consider in selecting the best quality liquid fish oil that will surely give you the benefits that you deserve:


1. EPA and DHA ratio

Omega 3 fatty acids have two very important components—EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Of course, when liquid fish oil reaches the production line, these two components must be present and should have the right ratio. It is important for the Omega 3 fatty acids to be actively present in the liquid fish oil so that  you may be able to get the benefits of the supplement.



2. Information listing

The liquid fish oil supplement should have proper labeling and literature enclosed. The label must have the amounts of DHA and EPA at are incorporated into the product. This is to let you know how much Omega 3 fatty acids you will get from the liquid fish oil supplement that you bought. The lesser the total DHA and EPA, the lower quality of liquid fish oil that you get.




3. Fish flesh

The liquid fish oil supplement must come from fresh fish flesh. Some manufacturers use the commonly discarded parts of the fish, such as the head or tail. You don’t want a liquid fish oil that is made from these. You want one that is harnessed from the nutritious flesh of the fish.





4. Approved

Liquid fish oil that is produced should have passed the analytical laboratories and should be proved disease or impurity free. It should have a certification from an inspection facility to make sure that what you get is safe and of high-quality.





5. Not distilled molecularly

The liquid fish oil that you purchase should not have been distilled molecularly. Molecular distillation breaks down and deteriorates the natural components of the liquid fish oil. Some manufacturers say that they molecularly distill the liquid fish oil to remove the toxins that may be present. Actually, is the source of the fishes and the manufacturing plant is sanitary, then this process is not needed anymore.




6. High-quality

The produced liquid fish oil should contain information about its quality. It should be free of toxic materials such as heavy metals and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) that would definitely harm you. The production facility of the manufacturing company should make sure that no detrimental contaminant of any sort seeps through the liquid fish oil. Another primary concern about the quality of the liquid fish oil supplement is its safety. Lately, there have been reports of manufacturers that produce rancid liquid fish oil. This bad liquid fish oil contains byproducts that are oxidative. This lets you know that the product is already degrading and is not ideal for consuming. If you take this kind of liquid fish oil, you will develop chronic diseases such as heart disease. Some high quality manufacturing companies add vitamin E to their products to prevent possible rancidity. This results to a more expensive liquid fish oil supplement. It would be much better for you to buy the more expensive ones than the cheaper ones because of this valuable consideration.



If you decide to take liquid fish oil as part of your supplementation, make sure that you do your homework well with regard to the sufficient information that you should know about the brands that are out in the market. Remember that quality is everything. You could check with your doctor to make sure that you avail of the high quality liquid fish oil supplement.

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