5 Effective Home Remedies for Boils

Boils are lumps filled with pus that develop underneath the skin due to bacterial infection of one or more hair follicles.  Boils or also called furuncles generally begin as red, swollen lump.  It can arise at any part of the body but it come mostly visible on the face, neck, armpits, buttocks or thighs wherein a hair-bearing spot that possibly develop sweat and occur friction.  Boils can rapidly fill up with pus, the more it grows larger the more pain it brings until it burst and drain.  There are available home remedies for boils that can help to relieve the symptoms just don’t try to squeeze or prick it for it may only worsen the infection.

What are the signs and symptoms of boils?

The signs and symptoms of boils are the following.

  • There is an appearance of painful, red lump that begins with a pea size.
  • There is a red and inflamed skin surrounding the lump.
  • The lump progresses as the days pass due to the presence of the pus.
  • There is a white tip that develops that in due course will going to burst or rupture which let the pus to drain out.  The pain frequently settles once the boils had drain out.  Small boils typically make well with no scarring unlike the big boils that may leave a scar.


What are the causes of boils?


  • The main reason of causing boils is bacteria specifically the Staphylococcus aureus.  Once one or more hair follicles happen to be infected by these bacteria boils may start to develop.  These are the bacteria that usually dwell in the skin and at times at nasal passages causing a lot of severe illnesses.  These bacteria commonly penetrate through the cut or any break in the skin.  When this happened, the neutrophils a white blood cell will hurry to the spot to fight the infection.  This may develop swelling and lead to a formation of pus, combination of bacteria, dead skin cells and old white cells.


What are the risk factor affecting boils?

There are factors that may enhance the risk of developing boils and these are the following.

  • There have more possibility to develop boils when you are living or with close contact with person infected with staph infection.
  • Human body affected with illness like diabetes will find it hard to fight any infection.
  • Skin problems like acne and eczema that may bring harm to the skin’s defensive barrier makes more vulnerable to boils.
  • The person wherein the immune system is in compromise for whatever reason makes more susceptible to boils.



There are some cases wherein boils can lead to infections inside the body due to the penetration of bacteria into the bloodstream.  This is usually called as blood poisoning or sepsis.  Blood poisoning can be a life-threatening condition because it can lead to septic shock, a tremendously low blood pressure.


What are the home remedies for boils?

There are available home remedies for boils that can definitely help the infection make well rapidly and avoid it from spreading and they are the following.

1.     Application of warm compress or washcloth.

Apply a warm compress or washcloth to affected area for about ten minutes every hour.  Soak first the clean cloth or compress in a warm salted water.  In this way, it can help the boil to rupture or burst and drain more rapidly.





2.     Do not prick or squeeze.

Never prick or squeeze the boil for it will only worsen the situation by spreading the infection.





3.     Wash hands and clothing.

Wash the hands thoroughly after applying treatment to boils.  Wash also the clothing, compresses or towels that have used or touched the infected part particularly if the boils are repeatedly coming back.





4.     Application of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil which is known for its antibiotic, antifungal and antiseptic properties can be used topically even though there is still no strong scientific proof if it’s really beneficial.  Tea tree oil is extracted from the Australian tea tree leaves that can bring allergic reactions to some people so if you encounter one stop to use it immediately and inform your doctor about it.





These are the home remedies for boils that can help in treating boils.  Regularly washing of hands can be the best defense or protection against any harmful effects bring by any germs.  Do not try to borrow some personal belongings from other people especially to those who are infected with boils.  If you are experiencing a recurrent boils do not hesitate to consult your doctor for further evaluation and to obtain proper treatment and right medication.

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