Top 9 Best Known Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common digestive problem that is much considered as the opposite of constipation. This disorder is characterized by loose and watery stool that is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and abdominal cramping. Diarrhea usually results to dehydration in severe cases.

This is a disease that is unpleasant, uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing. Acute and chronic diarrhea may affect you at any time and place. Acute is the type of diarrhea that in not inflammatory and only lasts for a short period of time. It just lasts for a couple of days . It is caused by viruses or bacteria, accompanied by nausea, cramps, and gas. You may get acute diarrhea if you already have gastroenteritis or if you have taken sweeteners; if you are lactose intolerant; if you have taken antacids that have magnesium; if you are allergic to antibiotics; and if you have ingested excessive vitamin C. Chronic diarrhea is the long term type of diarrhea that many people suffer from for years, most probably because of their underlying disease or health condition. Read on and find out some of the natural remedies for diarrhea that you could use instead of the commercially prepared treatments that you take:

1. Rest

Getting adequate rest is one of the very effective natural remedies for diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, try not to take Loperamide that stops the expulsion of the stool. You should let it happen at first just to allow your body to get rid of things that it doesn’t agree with. Then rest while sipping broth. Usually, movements encourage peristalsis. Add a little salt to what you are drinking or sipping to help you retain fluids. You could also place a heat pad on your abdomen to relieve you of the painful cramps.



2. Hydration

One of the best natural remedies for diarrhea is to stay hydrated. Letting out all those fluids from your body will cause you to lose the needed electrolytes namely potassium and sodium.  These two elements are responsible for regulating your body functions including heartbeat and muscle movement. You should increase your intake of water especially when you have fever with your diarrhea. The electrolytes could be replaces with sports drinks, weak tea, decaffeinated sodas, and fruit juices that are not laxatives such as prune and apple juice. Keep your drinks cool to irritate you less. Just sip do that your internal environment will have time to adjust.


3. Yogurt

Yogurt is considered as one of the natural remedies for diarrhea because these contain live bacteria that are good for your digestive system. Yogurt could produce lactic acid that could eradicate the harmful bacteria that causes your diarrhea. To treat antibiotic-caused diarrhea, you could ingest kefir or live culture yogurt. If you eat yogurt at the start of your conventional medical treatment, then you could very well prevent the occurrence of diarrhea.



4. Food avoidance

When you have diarrhea, you should avoid certain foods. You should include this in the known natural remedies for diarrhea because doing so will help you prevent the worsening of your ailment. Keep away from dairy except for yogurt. Just do this for up to three weeks until your system normalizes. Also avoid caffeine and sugar that are known as digestive stimulants. They are also known to soften stool even further. Don’t eat high-fiber foods just yet. Stick to gelatin, soup, noodles, rice, potatoes, toast, bananas, skin-less meat, soda crackers, and carrots (cooked).



5. Starch

Eating foods that are starchy is one of the known natural remedies for diarrhea. Foods like cereals, potatoes (not fried), and rice could help settle your stomach. When you prepare them make sure that they are very thick. Season these foods but not too much or they will just irritate your stomach and worsen your diarrhea. Avoid oatmeal because of its high fiber content. Avoid fats and oils because they increase the stomach aches.



6. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the natural remedies for diarrhea that treats the inflammation and spasms involved. Just drink up to three cups of chamomile tea everyday and the tannins will help you stop your diarrhea.





7. Blueberries

Blueberry (root part)  is another one of the natural remedies for diarrhea. You could boil up dried blueberries and eat it as soup. These are rich in anthocyanoside that is potent in fighting bacteria and free radicals. It also has tannins that have an anti-diarrheal effect.





8. Fenugreek

Just let a half teaspoon of fenugreek tea steep in hot water. This becomes fenugreek tea that will help you with your diarrhea.






9. Orange peel

Let some organic orange peel steep in hot water. This aids in indigestion. Let the orange peel tea cool first before you drink it. Sweeten it with honey and sugar.






Keep your doctor updated with your progress in using these natural remedies for diarrhea. It is always best for you to know what you take. You should always keep in mind your optimal health in everything that you do.

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