5 Established Facts About Natural Hormone Replacement

Hormonal imbalance is a disorder that affects so many people worldwide. This is when the necessary hormones that you need are not produced sufficiently. This results to an imbalance or an inefficient functioning of various systems of your body that results to a myriad of disorders that affect your way of living and overall outlook. This usually affects women through menopause but could also be an issue in men through andropause. Estrogen, testosterone, or a combination of these two are often used in treating hormonal imbalance.

Your doctor may prescribe conventional synthetic hormones in the form of pills but many patients are now interested in natural hormone replacement or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).  Natural hormone replacement through BHRT is a method is the latest in hormone replacement therapy. This treatment very well mimics the naturally produced hormones in your body  from sources such as yams, soy, or animal meat. Sources of natural hormones are plants that have the same structure as the hormones that your body needs. With natural hormone replacement, the decreasing amounts of hormones are replaced through non-synthetic means as you age and various emotional and health problems are prevented.  Here are some facts about natural hormone replacement that you could consider and discuss with your doctor:


1. Indications

BHRT as your natural hormone replacement delivers benefits for people who suffer from various hormone-based disorders. This treatment is for people who suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome), post menopause, osteoporosis, and fibrocystic breasts. This treatment is also effective for those who have irregular menstruation, heavy uterine bleeding, hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, depression, decreasing libido, vaginal dryness, poor memory, and inelastic skin. When you get treated from all this, then you will be able to have a better-managed health and lifestyle as you age or recover from your condition.



2. Individualized treatment

Just because you undergo natural hormone replacement doesn’t mean that you get to avoid the usual prescriptions or individual attention. Like the conventional medications that you take, you will still be given various dosages, dosage forms, drug choice, and their various strengths or potencies. Your doctor will help you undergo a hormonal test so that you could get a more personal and more specific treatment.




3. Weaker treatment

Another good thing about natural hormone replacement is that it hits you weakly. Estriol, estrodiol, and estrione combinations are just some of the weak hormones that will be given to you by your healthcare practitioner. This makes your body adjust better to the hormonal replacement. This may seem to bring about short-term effects but with long-term continuous use could really bring out good long-term results as well.



4. Less side effects

Conventional HRT is nothing like natural hormone replacement. Side effects such as dizziness, vaginal bleeding, headaches, fluid retention, reduced carbohydrate tolerance, depression, nausea, tenderness of the breast and eye-shape change. Progesterone should be used with the estrogens prescribed to you so that uterine cancer could be prevented.





5. Better body

Using natural hormone replacement also helps you have a better body. This is mainly because of the decreased risks in getting osteoporosis, heart attack, and stroke. It also helps you improve your mental health, skin, hair, and sex drive. The testosterone levels increase when you use this method and this hormone is the one responsible for the improved sex drive. Natural hormone replacement also prevents breast cancer. It also decreases your bad cholesterol levels and the possibility of unwanted hair proliferation.




The usual purpose of natural hormone replacement  is to help in the anti-aging treatments that you may have started already. With these naturally acquired hormones, your life gets to be  more improved because the adverse effects are lessened. The natural hormone replacement therapy is more preferred by health-conscious individuals because it focuses more on the advantages that it could give your body. It is true that it is very difficult to have to replace your hormones with hormones synthesized outside your body and then given for you to take. But it is essential if you want to age gracefully and to lessen the undesirable changes that the lack of hormones does to you. This would definitely improve your lifestyle and social life without thinking of the adverse effects that conventional hormone treatments may bring about. Make sure that you always consult your doctor even if you prefer the natural hormone replacement method. Constant monitoring helps in the establishment of good baseline data and a good improvement diary to keep track of your progress.  Always be open to your doctor if ever there are other reactions that come about by using this treatment. It may be indications of allergic reaction.

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