5 Natural Herbal Remedies for Acne in Adults

Acne has long been a problem for so many people since the onset of puberty. It is a result of hormone fluctuations in teenagers. Puberty is like a bomb that explodes. The casualties are seen on the skin with all the acne breakouts that the teen experiences. But when puberty is over, why do some adult still have acne? Why do they still have sudden acne breakouts like when they were teenagers?

There are so many possible reasons why adults still have acne flare-ups. Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common ones. Women usually suffer from acne even when they are adults already because of the imbalance in hormones. Factors like stress, reproductive disorders, and endocrine disorders can cause this persistent imbalance in hormonal productions in females. This is why so many adult women resort to their doctors’ help for the rest of their life. Another cause of adult acne is personal hygiene according to the type of skin. Very oily skin requires more attention and more care than less oily skin types. Overproduction of oil in your skin is paradise for bacterial growth. Sediments add to the party and acne results. An increase in testosterone levels also results in acne break outs. When you are an adult, you tend to be alarmed by this occurrence so you consult for prescription treatments that could help you fight your acne problem. But some people want natural herbal remedies for acne like the following:


1. Usual herbs

Herbs are included in the natural herbal remedies for acne. Many of these well-researched plants have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and  pain relieving properties that help soothe and decrease the acne’s growth and progression. They also help effectively wash the skin and renew the skin as it heals from acne. Such helpful herbs are lavender, aloe vera, calendula, rosewater, burdock root, cnidium seed, honeysuckle. tea tree oil, chamomile, black currant, primrose oil, goldenseal, Echinacea, witch hazel, walnut leaf, milk thistle, and dandelion. They also help in regulating the hormones in your body to help you get back the good skin condition that you want. You should still consult with a knowledgeable and licensed health practitioner before you actually try these herbs. A good combination of these could be the key to your acne solution.

2. Ayurvedic

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the natural herbal remedies for acne that involves the importance of diet. According to this treatment, bland foods should be taken in such as basmati rice, apple sauce, and oatmeal. You should also include cumin, fennel, and coriander in your tea and drink it after the three main meals of the day. Citrus fruits, spicy food, and fried food all aggravate the acne problem that you have so you must avoid them.  When it comes to external care for your skin, wash you r face with chickpea paste. After drying your skin, let a paste of goat’s milk and almond powder dry on your face and then wash it off again. Then, after the washed out mask, apply sandalwood-turmeric cream.


3. Others

Other natural herbal remedies for acne include aromatherapy and juice therapy. Aromatherapy involves applying tea tree oil on the blemishes. Juice therapy combines carrot juice, beet juice, and water to cleanse your body. By now, you should be able to know that acne is not related to the food that you eat. But still, some healthcare practitioners connect or base their recommendations for natural herbal remedies for acne according to the food that you eat. You should increase your intake of beta carotene-rich foods such as yellow orange vegetables and fruits like carrots, cantaloupes, and pumpkins.If you want to resort to homeopathy as one of the natural herbal remedies for acne that you would want to try, then you should make sure that you consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner first. Kali bromatum (6 times, 3 times a day) is a remedy for very itchy acne breakouts. Sulfur is a solution for profuse sweating, hard skin, rough skin, and constipation.  Antimonium tartaricum (3 times in a day) should be taken if your pimples have puss in them.



These natural herbal remedies for acne for adults should be used with proper supervision by your doctor so that your overall health may be assured. If your acne doesn’t go away even if your acne still persists, if you are flushed, if your acne result to scarring, and if your pimples are large, immediately consult your doctor. Continue to research on other useful herbal solutions for your adult acne. This will enable you to avoid pharmaceutical side effects and concentrate more on your skin’s improvement.

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