5 Things to Remember When Under the 3-day Cleansing Diet


Advanced technology and chemical milestones have brought about so many innovations in the world already. Whether we eat them, wear them, or apply them on ourselves, these products are obviously packed with every chemical that you could ever think of and probably never heard of before. This is a very alarming truth. Every single day, we are exposed to these toxins that we welcome into our lives just like that. With this, it is only expected that there are people who suggest heavy duty body cleansing, inside and out.

“Natural” cleansing from the inside is a very practical and healthy thing to do these days. If your body is detoxified from the inside using only organic ingredients, then everything else follows. You would surely start feeling a whole lot better because the free radicals that destroy your healthy cells are flushed out and are replaced by the rich antioxidants that you take in. One effective “natural” detoxification system is the 3-day cleansing diet that is a system developed to help you reset your body for a new long-term change.The aim of the 3-day cleansing diet is to renew your body and eliminate the toxins, and not to be a steady diet practice for anyone.It solely requires all-natural and fresh ingredients and not powdered preparations that act as supplements. Here are the things that you should remember when you decide to undergo this method of detoxification:

1)      Fresh ingredients

In the 3-day cleansing diet, the ingredients that you use should all be fresh. As much as possible, know where to buy them in your area to allow you to be in line with the program’s procedures. This way, you will be able to reap the best results expected after the thee-day diet.  The known ingredients of the 3-day cleansing diet are: apple juice, aloe vera juice, prune juice, flax seed oit, ginger (fresh), lemon (fresh), Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula (optional item), Psyllium husk (powdered; optional item), water (distilled), apples (organic; raw), and senna tea (optional item).


2)      Drink juice

According to the 3-day cleansing diet, you should drink prune juice in the morning. When you drink this in the morning, make sure that you coat your entire mouth with it so that digestion may already start. Upon swallowing, the prune juice will then be able to stimulate the lining of the intestines. This will facilitate the elimination of waste. You should make sure that the prune juice is a hundred percent, all-natural and organic. This is the only type of juice that’s effective for such cleansing. During the rest of the day, lemon and ginger water and apple juice are taken in. These will make your digestion better.

You should keep in mind that in the 3-day cleansing diet, you should not drink the liquids too fast because this would result in electrolyte imbalance and nausea. Aloe vera juice is also included in what you should drink the entire period.


3)      Aloe vera and flax seed oil

Aloe vera juice is important in the 3-day cleansing diet because it promotes better digestion and certainly prevents constipation. Flax seed oil (1 tablespoon, two times a day) lubricates the bile ducts and makes you eliminate toxins easily.



4)      Apples

In the 3-day cleansing diet, apples are the only solid food that is allowed. So make sure that you have lots of raw, organic apples on hand for three days. The skin is rich in fiber that also helps flush out the toxins.




5)      Expect the symptoms

You should remember that this is a 3-day cleansing diet so you should expect the following symptoms: fatigue, nausea, constipation, headache, and diarrhea. If ever you become constipated, the bowel formula, Psyllium husk powder and the senna tea would help you get on with the cleansing part of the diet. If you know that you have diarrhea, then it would be better to stay at home for a while. If you have nausea or headache, then this would mean that a significant amount of liquid toxins have been eliminated from your body. Fatigue may be brought about by the lack of any energy-giving food items in the diet and because of the cramping that diarrhea may cause.



The 3-day cleansing diet is not designed to replace your everyday normal diet. This is only meant to be done for three days, about three or four times in an entire year. You should always consult your physician first before you start the 3-day cleansing diet. You’ll never know what detriments a cleansing diet like this may give your body so it would be best to really work with your doctor so that he may know what to substitute instead if you are not for this type of detoxification.




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