5 Concepts to Consider If You Do the 3-Day Fruit Flush


Admit it or not, your pantries and refrigerators are quickly getting dominated by processed, synthetic, or even imitation foods that really tend to be too overwhelming at times. Natural food doesn’t seem to make it to our grocery lists anymore. Fast food restaurants also make up the bulge of your diet simply because they deliver fast, hot food at your convenient time and place. You don’t even bother to wonder how, who, when, and where these food items have been prepared. As a result, they gain weight and get sick fast.

This is basically the reason why so many people are alarmed. With this, they try to come up with methods that could really rid of their bodies of the harmful chemicals that are fast accumulating in their system. Diet solutions are always being formulated and developed all the time, hoping that there will be that single diet that could magically turn everything around and make everybody healthy in a short span of time. The 3-day fruit flush is one of these well-devised detoxification schemes. It is backed up with the thirty years of experience that the creator, Jay Robb, has as a clinical nutritionist. unlike other cleansing diets, this is highlighted by Jay Robb’s specially formulated protein shakes. Here are the things that make the 3-day fruit flush an effective and very quick way to lose weight:


1)      Effective start

Detoxification is often used by dieters to start another long-term diet program. The 3-day fruit flush is designed to immediately shed the excess pounds that will not look good in that small black dress or in that tight pair of jeans that you just bought. It effectively prepares your body and turns it into a clean slate. This would make you fully ready to embrace the next diet program that you plan to undergo.



2)      Has healthy components

It isn’t called the 3-day fruit flush for nothing. It involves the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It also calls for protein preparations recommended by Jay Robb. His helps you appreciate produce more. The diet plan draws you away from any form and source of fat such as meat, indulgent desserts, and starchy foods. You should remember that any macronutrient taken in excess turns into fat.


3)      Eliminates toxins

The 3-day fruit flush enables you to rid your body of all the unnecessary toxins that you have collected years before you decided to start the diet. The fruits and vegetables provide the high fiber contents that your body needs to “flush” out the bad chemicals in your body that may have been causing a lot of untoward pains or maladies that you have been suffering from before you started it.


4)      Tests your determination

Even if it is only three days, the 3-day fruit flush is a very effective way to see if you are really determined to go through with it. It is a diet that is only designed to let you lose the extra pounds in three days but it doesn’t satisfy you a lot. It involves fruits and vegetables and protein supplements. It does not serve you complete meals. Yes, you have to follow the hours and the amounts that you have to take but no other food passes through your system except those fruit and vegetables mixed with Robb’s protein powder.


5)      Good for special occasions

If you want to look perfect in a special function that you have been invited to in three days, then you really have to follow the 3-day fruit flush. The joy of seeing the amazement and awe that your family and friends will have the moment you step into the room. Imagine yourself in that small dress that was given to you on your birthday, which would be perfect for the party three nights away. If the guy you always liked approached you from out of the blue, then you know that you did something right.



It is never easy to make a good choice when it comes to diet plans. But when you make the 3-day fruit flush your first choice, then you definitely have come a long way in diets already. This diet plan is not for the faint of heart. You should really psyche yourself that you will only be taking in a lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes. If your taste buds and overall health can take it, then go ahead. Surely, you have to consult with your doctor first if your health status can take this drastic cleansing for three whole days. You should work with your doctor if you have diabetes, hypertension, or any deficiency that you may have.


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